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Early Childhood

Filius Draco was born in an unknown village in an unknown nation. Nobody knows his true identity or history, simply the one that he tells. When he was a child, his village was attacked by raiders, his family was killed and he became the slave of that band. He would cry to the gods, any god, that might want to help him, even to the Fae. Finally, after no help, neither divine nor mundane, he prayed to the Tyrant of Flesh, promising the dark god his worship and prayers, as well as anything that the god wanted. The First Father answered, giving the boy the will to continue, and asking nothing in return other than his following and a promise: "Put your name in the history books as a great man, do not waste the chance that I give, do not take that as simple act of kindness, I expect greatness from my followers".

The next day, priests of the temple of Pater Carnis attacked the camp and rescued the boy under the guidance of Pater Carnis. When they asked the boy's name, he answered "Filius Draco", Son of the Dragon, the name his captors gave him, for his unwillingness to follow their commands.

Filius Draco demonstrated to be quite... Normal, unusually normal, he had no special abilities or... Anything, just a normal boy with nothing special. But, he was the only one willingly studying when others didn't want to. Learning more about The First Father each day, becoming less "normal" by his own effort and today, a valuable asset to the Temple.


He has learned biomancy in the temple, most of the time he uses it for his research, but Filius has the ability to use it for medical reasons or alchemical advancements. Draco has also vast knowledge in sciences, the arcane, and alchemy, as well some proficiency in runic magic.


Filius Draco has one big objective in his life, to put his name in history books as a great man, the promise that he has made to The First Father shall be concluded. He is making his research for a special "event" that he wants to hold. Every time that someone wants more detail, he doesn't provide it.