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The character Fluff is Played by Player FluffClouds, who joined September 3rd 2021

Appearance Fluff's appearance is similar to that of a Faun, despite being female, and not biologically being related to said species. She has long dark brown hair, pale skin, Round horns and despite having her eyes closed, blue eyes, with one yellow pupil. More recently, she has been observed to have taken on a mild blue tint, along with translucency after her death

Life before alathra Fluff was born in a small human village known as Dogsstail, and lived with her single mother and her 4 siblings in a small restaurant her mother owned at the time. When she was age 2, the restaurant was struck by lightning due to a storm and despite numerous attempts to save it, burned down. During all the commotion, a young wizard apprentice, had snuck in, and casually committed kidnapping, after which he went back to his school of magic, and decided that he should try out cursing the toddler he had just indoctrinated with a badly planned out curse, which he had thought of a few minutes prior. After he had done the deed, he threw said toddler through a nether portal and forgot about it, leaving it to what he thought, was certain death. Fluff was later adopted by a group of slightly more advanced than normal piglins. She was thrown out of the tribe at 18. Following netherite strip mine paths, she eventually found a nether portal and ran through it. Soon after she quickly relearned English.

Residences (Former) Redna Haven vinium

Death/After death After accidentally shooting herself in the back, Fluff died. It took 3 days for her to materialise or be sighted as a ghost.