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"The Followers of Argentia" is a name commonly used to describe the religion of Lunargentium people. This religion, founded in the town of Vesta, is the primary religion of its people. Argentia is the Xaitian Goddess of Silver, the Moon, the Tides & Prosperity.


The town of Vesta was originally called Silvermoon. Silvermoon has a long and rich history, growing from a settlement to the capital of Aerdale, before falling and becoming abandoned. Once Notoric, the former King of Aerdale, returned to his city to bring it out of disrepair, the new citizens began to call the town by a new name, opting for more of a religious approach in their worship of the moon. They called her Argentia, after her silvery appearance. They noticed how the tides seemed to move in rhythm to her, and followers soon began to attribute this to her as well.


The followers of Argentia believe in harmony. Going with the flow is important to them. They recognise there are things out of their control, and try to not let it bother them. Argentia's followers do not fear the sun, nor do they see it as an enemy. They see Taiyo's Followers as siblings, as Taiyo is the brother of Argentia. Argentia's Followers also believe that the Black Cat is a Mirror of Argentia on our plane of existence; similar to the black and white in yin and yang, there is the bright Silver Moon, and the Black Cat. All black cats are seen as holy animals and are protected and must not be harmed at all costs.

The Shadow Hunt

The Shadow Hunt is a religious practice where the Followers of Argentia will hunt the monsters of the night under a full moon. The monsters are seen as a gift from Argentia, the belief is that it is not the lack of sun that spawns them, but the moon itself, giving them to us as a gift. These monsters drop resources and lace our palms with silver when killed. This is seen as our reward for killing the monsters, and shows that Argentia is pleased. The reason such a practice commonly takes place under a full moon is because it is thought that Argentia is watching and her eye is fully open. It is said that if enough mobs are killed and Argentia is pleased, that she will spawn a Giant. This giant is a test of our strength and loyalty, but if we triumph, we will be rewarded greatly.


Many of Argentia's Followers have found they have a natural affinity for Water Magic, after her control of the tides. Although they do not exclusively use this magic, they feel more in tune with it, and using it is seen as favourable by Argentia herself.