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Galen Marek is a commoner from the region of Eldia. He is fairly unknown within the realm, although he has made some good friends within the empire. He is very religous and believes strongly in his faith. He is 20 years old and serves the Holy Solarian Empire as a knight and a senator, leading a sect of the knights of solaria.

He grew up in a poor family that had all died in a village raid by the time Galen was an adult. He came of age just as Eldia joined the holy solarian empire, he used this as an opportunity to gain power and status. He joined a town called Cristaldenn and settled himself there, before another resident named Apollo made him a proposition to build a castle south of Solar Pyrrhus. They both fled up to Arith and settled themselves in a forest. They started to build the castle, things were going well as the Emperor flew down to them and greeted them both. They were welcomed into the empire and knew they were in the right place. Later on Apollo would betray Galen, and left for distant lands leaving behind a wreck. Galen managed to rebuild the castle and restore the grounds.

Galen petitioned the emperor to allow him to form a sect of the knights of solaria, the emperor agreed and Galen called from around the empire for knights to join the cause. Galen and his knights remain ready and waiting to defend the empire against those who would wish to see it destroyed.