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The Gaushan Powder Keg conflict started on 5/20/22. The conflict involves all active powers on Gaushan including Stahlfaust, Eldia, Keystead (Redna/Lyon/Estea), and Ironhill. The conflict was sparked by two seperate wars, the Second Stahlfaust-Ironhill War and the Coldfront-Keystead War. The conflicts eventually merged when Stahlfaust declared defense of Keystead. I name this even the "Gaushan Powder Keg" because all it took were a few sparks to ignite the entire contient.

Second Stahlfaust-Ironhill War

The Second Stahlfaust-Ironhill War started when Ironhill refounded their town on Stahlfaust claimed territory. Stahlfaust entered negotiations with Ironhill when Ironhill suddenly began to encourage Stahlfaust citizens to revolt against Kaiser Arctan van Orden III. Along with this and several other comments made by Ironhill, on 5/19/22 Stahlfaust sent an ultimatum to Ironhill. The ultimatum explained the reasonings of the decision and gave two options, "You can surrender your so-called “nation” and join our Empire in the union, returning our territory to us and becoming citizens of the Empire." or "Or you can move to a different continent, make an official apology for your hostile actions, and never return." The ultimatum was signed by Kaiser Arctan van Orden III and Foreign Minister Simon. No official response from Ironhill was given so on 5/20/22 Stahlfaust announced a "Declaration of Military Operations".

Eldian Involvement in the Second Stahlfaust-Ironhill War

On 5/20/22 Ironhill reformed its government into a monarchy and converted to the Solarian religion. Notable nations apart of the Solarian religion were Eldia and Solaris. After failed negotiations with Stahlfaust and in defense of the people of their faith, Eldia declared defense of Ironhill against Stahlfaust later that day. Kaiser Arctan van Orden III expected war with Eldia and implemented total mobilization before a war declaration was made.

Coldfront-Keystead War

On 5/19/22 _Plato declared war on Keystead (at the time it was Lyon). No reason was given except " become its King". Quickly many "war profiteers" jumped on the side of _Plato and Coldfront had an initally succesful assault of the town of Keystead on 2/20/22, but after war profiteers withdrew from the war, _Plato was left with a relatively small force. After _Plato's troops quit the war Stahlfaust declared the defense of Keystead.