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Bjoern, the Architect and known Terraformer has a long winding Story of his Life. IGN is BambusBjoern25

Former Life

Before Bjoern ever stepped foot of the large Masses of Alathra, he was home in faraway Inamoda, where his Mother gave birth to him. Bjoern's Parents were wealthy and he had a good Childhood. in Young Age he took Fencing Lessons, History Lessons, Political discourses aswell as terraforming/architecture teachings. The future of Bjoern should have been, that he would be the Architect of the King of Inamoda himself, but after young, reckless Bjoern had an Affair with the King's Daughter, he was to be sentenced to Death. To his Fortune, he got help by the King's Daughter herself, who brought him out of the Castles Dungeons and helped him getting unnoticed onto a Ship to escape the Grasp of the furious King. The Boat left the Port just in time, because Guards appeared at that moment at the Docks. And that was just the beginning of his Journey.