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The town flag of GreenPath
Wolff observing the inner gates after their construction


GreenPath is a town in northern Arith. Founded by the forest ranger CorruptedRaf after his migration from foreign lands far into the north. It is situated entirely in a dense dark oak forest.


CorruptedRaf found a thick forest of dark oak trees with a stream whilst journeying and surveying the lands with his companion and right hand man CorruptedWolff. Raf looked at the stream and knew, this was the right place to form his new roots. The forest seemed to speak to him and whisper him advice, the branches seemed to guide him to wherever he needed to go. Raf and Wolff quickly set to work and make the first of their many tree abodes on the bank of the stream. Raf decided to use his prior experience as a ranger of the far north, to become the ranger and guardian of this special forest.


Raf quickly formed a perimeter around his Settlement, he constructed a inner wall for his town out of the trunks of the many trees in the forest, when it was finished it was designed to look like just another tree until closer inspection, as he did not want uninvited guests in this temporary time of vulnerability. Raf formed a leaf and moss tunnel system which would guide inhabitants to the many tree houses in the town, these tunnels were warm and filled with light, to ward away dark and cold times. The tunnel system quickly expanded until it formed a sort of network of paths that weaved its way around the town, quickly becoming overgrown, though many people find this factor charming, which is why it was kept. Soon, most of the inner perimeter of the town was filled with houses paths and farms so Raf sought to expand outwards, forming an outpost outside the forest so he could keep watch of the outside world as he would build a wall around his holy forest to protect it and its inhabitants from the outside world. As he was planning however, an unexpected meeting occurred, a traveller by the name of Wrenvion passed by. After stalking Wrenvion as he traversed the forest, and establishing that he meant no harm to the forest and its inhabitants, Raf leapt down and showed himself to Wrenvion. After talking extensively, and after Wrenvion learned of Raf's need for a great wall, he made a proposal, they should work together to construct a great stone wall that stretched all around the perimeter of the forest. They immediately set to work, as the wall slowly encroached around the forest. Wrenvion built a small house outside of the gates through the wall, where he and Raf would rest and make tea after a hard day of work. The wall is a grand feat of design and construction, and stands tall around the forest.

GreenPath caves

GreenPath is home to a vast underground cave system that is lush with plant life. The caves connect the town to its stag station which connects GreenPath to the rest of Mirenirenic via the ice tunnels that weave around the nation as the primary form of transport between its towns. There are lamps and benches dotted around the cave system to rest when needed.


Raf sought the protection and benefits of a nation, to help his town prosper. After a failed attempt at joining a nation from a foreign continent, which resulted in a border dispute with the F.C.A GreenPath finally found a sovereign overlord in the newly founded nation state of Mirenirenic, under the guidance of Kevien12. Raf and Kevien12 enjoy to this day a co-operative relationship with the nation of Mirenirenic growing bigger and more prosperous as time went on. Kevien also constructed a massive tree on top of a museum where items from each town in the nation would be placed to give it power, a sapling from the very core of the forest of GreenPath sits there to this day. Greenpath currently still resides in the nation of Mirenirenic as the most populous town of the nation, situated right in the centre.