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A photograph of the fledging city of Heavens Keep from July 17th, 2021 taken by Westerian.


Heavens Keep (Formally Hanau & Redpeak) is a major economic hub located on the Southernmost continent of Alathra founded by Aethelmod and currently led by Westerian.



The city's founder, Aethelmod, had originally began life as a resident of Fort Roberts, located just east of Heavens Keep's current location on the same continent. Feeling unhappy in Fort Roberts, Aethelmod looked towards the beautiful forests and hills out west, establishing a settlement there. With him was Westerian, another resident of Fort Roberts who happened to be a visionary and a builder. Together, the two worked day and night to plan and construct one of the most beautiful cities in the known world.

The Southern Union

Upon the founding of the city, Heavens Keep joined forces with the town of Fort Roberts to establish a nation which would be known as the Southern Union. This nation was established with Fort Roberts as the capital, although Heavens Keep quickly became recognized as the diplomatic and economic hub of the fledging nation.

Haven Incident

Days into the founding of the Southern Union, the Emperor of the Union came to Heavens Keep with another resident of Fort Roberts, and notified Mayor Aethelmod of a new town that was founded just Northwest of Heavens Keep. They then traveled to the city of Haven on the Emperor's orders to "force" Haven to join the Union, as it would be unsafe to the growing nation to keep an unaffiliated town too close to the nation's border. After visiting Hanau, leadership of Haven accepted the offer and soon, the cities of Heavens Keep and Haven enjoyed a very strong friendship together.

The search for an Identity

Seeing as the town had grown to nearly 7 concurrent and active players, than Hanau decided it was time to search for a new name for its town. A town wide vote was conducted, with every member voting and Redpeak emerging as the chosen name. From there on, the town was known as Redpeak. A brighter name for a brighter future.

Dissolution of Redpeak, and the founding of Heavens Keep

The dissolution of Redpeak and the Founding of Heavens Keep was very hasty, with the town dissappearing overnight due to Aethelmod being forced out of Lydoneia due to internal pressure. Heavens Keep was than founded days later by current leader Westerian. The identity of Redpeak quickly changed, with the vision for the town being changed from the capital of a growing, free republic, to the military headquarters for a republic its sworn to protect.


Heavens Keep is located on the Southernmost continent of Alathra, wedged between three different biomes but primarily located on the river that divides the Snowy Taiga and Taiga biomes. Heavens Keep is recognized as one of the Southernmost cities in all of Alathra.

Coat of Arms of the city of Heavens Keep



The city is governed by a Military Board of Directors, with the 4 inhabitans being members of the board, and of the Lydoneian Republican Guard.


The flag of Heavens Keep is a vertical double stripe, with red on the left and right, a black background and a dove in the middle. The black and red is to represent the strength and might of the military, with the dove representing the peace, neutrality, and defensiveness our nation stands for and was founded on.



Residents of Heavens Keep enjoy training in the training yard, trading with the local villagers and players in the Marketplace, farming in the Magna Vitis (Great Vine Farms), or working steadfast to build a beautiful Lydoneian house.


Heavens Keep is the holy city of Naeturism, a peace loving faith dedicated to the worship of trees, with the Sanctus Lignum Vatae (Holy Tree of Life), being the centerpiece of the entire city. Although the city is the holy city of Naeturism, it is a safe haven for all religions, and takes in members of any faith.


Heavens Keep benefits heavily from trade, and trade within the city is primarily dominated by lumber, as Spruce wood is highly valued by all cities throughout Lydoneia for its beauty and sturdiness in building, and Heavens Keep's home region is dominated by Spruce trees.


Lydoneia Oldest Building

The Hasur Complex house, on the corner of Aethel Ave and Swift St, is the oldest house in Lydoneia and Heavens Keep, serving as the only Historical building in Heavens Keep, a building untouchable from being sold or demolished.

A view of the main office within the Altes Rathaus, which was the location of many international and domestic meetings for the Southern Union.

Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus, also known as Old Townhall, was used doubly as a home for the city's Mayor as well as a government office. Many international meetings were held here, as well as domestic meetings both within the town and within the nation of the Southern Union/Lydoneia.

Sanctus Lignum Vatae (Holy Tree of Life)

The Holy Tree of Life, sitting in the center of the city, is the holy symbol of the Naeturism faith and is considered by many to be the oldest tree in Lydoneia, serving as a symbol of the countrys stability and worksmanship.