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Hasur is one of the most important members of lydonia, according to him. His main accolades are owning the most property in redpeak, being the leader of an evil cult and being legally referred to as the king of underpants.

alt hasur
Hasur self portrait
BornHasur nikolios
Some jungle in the middle of nowhere
NationalityLydoneian and jungle person I guess
Other namesking, Niko
OccupationPhilosopher, King and cultist
Known forbad jokes


Early Life

Hasur was born 22 years ago in the jungle. where he spent most of his time getting injured jumping from the trees with his best pal banana butter who later tragically died when he tried to wrestle a panda.

Modern Day

After his friends death he hung out on a beach perfecting his didgeridoo skills until one day he received a letter from some weird guy named Aethelmod who wanted his epic skills in his town

Boy he had no idea what he signed up for

upon showing up to town he was given a house which he then made rainbow colored and planted berries but soon he got bored so he decided to take over the world so he made a death cult which for some reason nobody took seriously

Unfortunately after the short period of redpeak’s destruction Hasur was encouraged to move to haven

after a few cult related funnies he decided he wanted to be legally called the king of underpants and after a whopping 3 minutes of asking the government sorta just let him do it

To this very day he’s still coming up with new elaborate ways to add cool titles and statues for himself

He also has plans to overthrow the global government

Political Beliefs

His only political belief is that he should control the world