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"Alera Septima the Mayoress, ex winemaker, sister of High Priest Lucius Ottavius, has successfully founded the Haven Vinum. A southern expansion of our city's borders, the Vinum aims to maintain a beautiful vineyard, our farms, and all agricultural needs. Within its borders will be farm shops, beautiful sights, as well as residential areas for those who wish to live there. Alera has been hard at work preparing the lands, in cooperation with Lucius in order to ensure the needs of the city are met and exceeded. I wish nothing but the best for Alera as she brings great prosperity to our crops." - Aurelius, in his public announcement of Haven's expansion

Haven Vinum is a town in southern Lydoneia, Koganon. Founded by Alera Septima on October 30th 2021, it is the self proclaimed "agricultural heart of Lydoneia".


After the Great War

Haven Vinum was one of five cities planned for Haven's expansion following Lydoneia's withdrawal from the Elyrian empire. Alera Septima and Aurelius destroyed Nugtown to make room for their vision.