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Hiram Foawcks” (Foawckx), is the current “Lord Protector” of the Solar Kingdom of Eldia and “Chief Inquisitor” of the Imperial Solarian Inquisition. Following the Empire’s loss during the “Prospitian Predicament” and “Second Gaushan War” and Eldia’s loss of Wulfheim, Hiram was appointed by decree by Solar King and Ecclessiarch of Message, Zodd “Mithras I” Angolmois. Hiram is a member of the “Eldian Resurrectionist Movement”.

Early Life

Hiram was born to an Eldian family in Snowport. Following the destruction of Snowport, Hiram was the sole survivor of his family, he fled to Ardora where he made a name for himself as Sheriff and later was recruited into the Solarian Inquisition by Zodd himself. His work inside the Inquisition’s early days is still debatable, but there were reports of him personally removing the Valorok squatter camps.

Lord Protector of Eldia Following the humiliating defeat of the Holy Solarian Empire and the carving up of Eldia’s holdings, Solar King Zodd decided to appoint a hardened and brutal man to the position of “Lord Protector” and “Chief Inquisitor” This was a surprise to many as Hiram was almost entirely unknown on a national or even local level since his work was behind the scenes for many years. But, with Mithras being in Pyrrhia more than Eldia, he needed a ruthless man to revive Eldia and root out the Empire’s enemies. Hiram and Mithras also share a devotion to Rhadohir.

Political Beliefs

Hiram is a deeply religious Solarian but of the more mystical variety. He believes the Eldian race is predisposed to following Rhadohir more than any other Patron Spirits, as the Eldians have been a ferocious and shadowy people even before the formation of the Empire. Hiram is also fiercely loyal to the Emperor and King, believing ends justify the means. The Resurrectionist Movement believes in the formation of a martial state and rigid caste system towards a Utopian vision.