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House Frankenstein of Starcroft, or more simply, House Frankenstein, is the dynasty which rules the town of Starcroft.

Whoever is the Head of House Frankenstein posesses not only the aforementioned title, but also the title of Lord (or Lady) of Starcroft.

The members of House Frankenstein come from beyond the stars. Although they appear in the day as well as the night, some say that House Frankenstein's members are vampires. Vampires of a special kind, who are not burned by sunlight.

The motto of House Frankenstein is "Never Forget Death."

What is known about House Frankenstein is that its first and current head, Hadeon Frankenstein, founded the dynasty when he arrived from above the sky.

He made a long journey to Prospit, where he came across the ruins of a walled city once known as Ragusa. Wanting to find a place to call home, he founded the town of Starcroft in front of the walled city's fountain, and became Starcroft's first and current lord.

Members of House Frankenstein

  • Hadeon Frankenstein: Lord of Starcroft, Head of House Frankenstein.
  • Alexandra Frankenstein: Daughter of Iris. Heir to Starcroft, and heir to the position of Head of House Frankenstein.
  • Clyde Frankenstein: Son of Iris. Younger brother of Alexandra.

Honorary Members of House Frankenstein

  • Sir AirheaterGuy of Starcroft
  • vivid_Colors