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The destroyed art, after the war. Taken on June 25, 2021.

The Kingdom of God, commonly referred to as the KOG, was a nation on the southwest continent. It was led by Pope Mistapurple. The nation consisted of one town: its capital Vatican City. Although many see the nation as having a Christian theming, this is not the case as members worship an entire pantheon of gods called The Holy Pantheon.

The under-construction Vatican City palace from above, before the war. Taken on June 11, 2021.

Vatican City was known for its extremely large palace with an intricate roof design. The origin of the name is debated among outsiders, but according to the citizens it was named in satire. As seen from above, the art of the palace becomes apparent. However, between June 11 and June 13, 2021 the monument depicted was greifed before its completion, which led to the Kingdom speaking out about inequalities in the land, which resulted in the growth of controversial tensions between many nations and the Kingdom of God. These tensions led to Ashina declaring war on the Kingdom because of their outspoken views. As a preliminary attack, Ashina, equipped with powerful armor and weapons, mascaraed Kingdom of God citizens, who only had simple diamond and iron armor and weapons. When the time for the war to begin, the Kingdom of God peacefully protested the war and the reasons it started by not logging on to engage. A quote directly from their Bishop, "The Kingdom of God is the people, not the land. Buildings can be rebuilt as well as monuments. But our people's ideals and beliefs will never falter. We may be done for or we may come back stronger, but either way we hope that this mess will bring light to the inequalities in this land."

After the Ashina-Kingdom of God War, the nation was dissolved and annexed into the Ashina Empire.