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The Ashina Empire
Banner Coat of arms
Ashina mainland as seen from above
Ashina mainland as seen from above
Ashina mainland as seen from above
and largest city
Demonym Ashina, Ashinian
Government Empire
 •  Emperor Iman Ottancope (Immanotscope)
 •  Emperor's Advisor Lixionit IV (Lixionit)
 •  Great Elder and former Emperor KnightofNotch
 •  Shogun Ripesack
 •  High Council RaptorJ6


 •  Formation December 4, 2020 
Population 155

The Ashina Empire, commonly referred to as just Ashina and for a brief time "The People's Republic of Ashina", is a country located mainly in the northeast continent of Ashina. From its founding to August 2021, it was considered Alathra's leading superpower, with complete domination of the northeastern continent and great influence over global politics. After their defeat at the hands of the rising Elyrian Empire, Ashina took a backseat in global politics before ultimately becoming almost entirely inactive until it's revitalization in December 2021 by player Twyst_.


Ashina was founded by player KnightOfNotch on December 4, 2020. The original capital of the nation was High Ashina which features an Eastern-Asian building style and was founded 2 weeks prior to the nation on November 19th, 2020.

On the southeastern coast of the main continent lies the ruins of New Ashina City, it used to be the largest city and one of Alathra's largest centres of commerce.

Ashina believes in the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive thoughts or feelings. Happiness and success for ones self comes through virtue live a virtuous life and be remembered for it and rewarded in the next one.

-March, 2021, Lothridge met with Ashinian leaders and threatened invasion if Ashina didn't join Lothridge.

-Ashina's territory expanded rapidly in mid-2021. On May 11, 2021, the nation took part in the Ashina-Lothridge War after Lothridge declared war on them and subsequently annexed them.

-On May 29, Slavongrad, once an ally of the nation, was disbanded following a dispute with Ashina. Its territory was quickly incorporated into the empire, on which now stands San Juacoco.

-In June, the empire conquered the Kingdom of God, and later annexed the town of Sudland after an attack on New Ashina City.

-June 6th, 2021, Meeting in Faron to discuss duplication magic used by Slavongrad. This crisis resulted with Slavongrad falling 2 week prior to the meeting. What was agreed upon in the meeting? The world will never know.

-On July 7, 2021, Ashina declared an unsuccessful war on Fare-Sesso. On July 11, Lothridge seceded from the Empire and reformed Acquendavia, which ultimately absorbed much of Fare-Sesso. The nation was mostly inactive in August and September of 2021.

-On November 3, 2021, it was announced that Ashina would be reorganized into a socialist republic, with KnightOfNotch serving as General Secretary.

-On March 16, 2022, Ashina purchased the lands of Fossores, the area included the towns of Ezra, Raven Industries, Irithil, Ferradior, Sunset Bay, and Wyvern's Rest. This land became known as Ashinan Moria.

-On June 13, 2022, Lixionit was crowned King of Irithil.

-On June 24, 2022, Ashina Absorbs the nation of Regnum Nortum Prospitae. This area contains most of Northern prospit and the towns of Senza-Nome, Au Nixe Port, and Archivia.

-On August 9, 2022, Nixium and the Viking lords of Hálfrland negotiate their independence from Ashina.

-On September 1st, 2022, the Duchy of Koralas was founded and established as a dominion of Ashina.

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