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Anthem: Baba Yetu
Status Disbanded
Largest city Senza-Nome
Demonym Acquendavian
Government Theocratic empire under an absolute diarchy
 •  Co-kings
  • Grandpa_boob
  • ripesack
Independence from Ashina
 •  First empire established November 19, 2020 
 •  First disbandment Early 2021 
 •  Declaration of independence July 11, 2021 
 •  Dissolution October 8, 2021 

Acquendavia was a nation state primarily located on the continent of Prospit, well known for its imperialist tendencies and authoritarian ideology. It is the oldest non-continuous nation in Alathra.


Originally established on the 19th of November of the First Age (2020), Acquendavia was and is the first ever nation state and civilization in the entirety of Alathran world history.

The nation of Acquendavia was founded upon the teachings and philosophies of its founder and sovereign leader Grandpa_boob, and his most trusted advisor, Ripesack. Grandpa_boob's literary dogma (a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true) praises that happiness is the highest virtue, and achieving happiness should be the goal of every decision. The philosophy also reflects on the fact that the only true happiness is power, of which the Kingdom of Acquendavia seeks more of, in the hopes of achieving absolute happiness. These philosphies are present in every Acquendavian territory, with the capital city of Lothridge housing the Twin Towers Of Philosophy; two towers atop two peaks, one made of quartz and stone, representing power, and the other representing Happiness. These towers represent the Acquandavian ideals of power, and the happiness that can be found in power.

Acquendavia was disbanded after failing to pay upkeep costs, all its constituent towns becoming independent. Its capital, Lothridge, would later be conquered by the Ashina Empire.

On the 11th of July of the Second Age (2021), Lothridge seceded from Ashina, and refounding Acquendavia. The nation state of Fare-Sesso was dissolved in favour of its town joining Acquendavia. Acquendavia would continue retaking Ashina claims throughout Prospit, now claiming most of Prospit, with the exception of Laputa and Archivia, however Laputa would later become a client state of Acquendavia. Acquandavia led a campaign against the U.S.A, gaining victory with the aid of its allies from Elyria. Following the war, Grandpa_boob was assassinated by llCharlesll at his provincial victory procession in Laputa. Acquendavia would later participate in the Great War, fighting alongside Elyria once more.

In September of the Second Age (2021), several towns under de jure Acquendavian rule established the Prospit Organized Resistance Army, and the ever present Prospitian Revolution. The revolution would however now lead to an Elyrian civil war - THE Elyrian Civil War. Without Elyria, Acquendavia would have to fight off the rebellion alone. Acquendavian forces failed to quell the revolution, suffering the loss of a decisive battle near Dalleton. This would force Grandpa_boob and Ripesack's hand in relinquishing their claims over the continent. On October the 8th, Grandpa_boob officially announced that Acquendavia would disband entirely, respecting the independence of all its former constituencies.