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Alathran Independent Press
TypeNon-profit worker's cooperative
IndustryNews media
FoundedJune 7, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-06-07)
Area served
All of Alathra
Key people
zaktoslph (Head Scribe)
ProductsNews articles, lorekeeping
Number of employees

The Alathran Independent Press, or the AIP, is a non-profit news and lorekeeping agency founded by zaktoslph on June 7, 2021. It is the main history-recording organization in Alathra.


zaktoslph arrived in Alathra on June 3, 2021, after hearing of the realm's history and rich culture. He explored the world with his companion, MayMayMaster609. Both ended up dying repeatedly in the harsh Alathran wilderness. Seeing their plight, the pair were promised sanctuary by Grandpa_boob. On the boat ride to Lothridge, however, they realized the sordid and controversial history of their newfound guardian. zaktoslph found it frustrating how much history and lore was left as abandoned chat logs and resolved to record as much information as he could in a way that was informative and accessible to all.

Early struggles

On June 5, zaktoslph left Lothridge after getting enough information to publish an article about the Ashina-Lothridge War, which was published on June 6. Despite the publication of the article, zaktoslph was still left in squalor due to his lack of money, food, or a bed. King Shepsicle of New Ashina City donated a generous sum to zaktoslph so that he could found a town to at least spawn in, which he immediately founded in the mine he was hiding out in. The town was named Archivia after zaktoslph's role as a historian and archivist. Shepsicle then invited zaktoslph to the Council of Faron, where the scribe recorded the proceedings, then took him on a tour of Cock Island. zaktoslph recognized the King could have been trying to bribe/gain favours with him, and realized the importance of staying financially independent and sovereign, taking a vow to uphold himself to the highest journalistic standards possible from then on.


While exploring Cock Island on June 7, zaktoslph ran into someone who may have been an avatar of the god Zedd, who told him of an abandoned town he could settle in not far from where his mine was. After surveying the land, zaktoslph moved Archivia into Fort Gillamore, finally giving him shelter and greatly reducing the risk of getting killed. It is here that he first founded the Alathran Independent Press, deciding to reuse the space as a library and publication house.

Fort Gillamore dispute

However, the AIP would not last long in this area. Unbeknownst to zaktoslph, Fort Gillamore had already been claimed by the Free Cities of Alathra. He was offered citizenship in Kais Kogong and the Free Cities proper, but he refused, remembering his entanglement with Shepsicle. On June 8, the AIP came into tense negotiations with Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349 of Uhovia, who wanted to pay zaktoslph in return for Archivia's membership in the FCA. Instead, zaktoslph abandoned Fort Gillamore to the FCA and relocated again to the mine where the town was first founded.


  • zaktoslph (Head Scribe)
  • Esbanana