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Around midnight on June 6 to 7, 2021, a meeting took place in the city of Faron in Ashina. Several high-ranking members of the Ashina aristocracy were in attendance, including Emperor KnightOfNotch, King ImmaNotScope of Faron, King Shepsicle of New Ashina City, and Lord Ripesack of Lothridge. The hermit Hargreevs was also in attendance.

The meeting in progress. Background, sitting: Ripesack, ImmaNotScope. Floor: Hargreevs. Foreground: Shepsicle. Offscreen: KnightOfNotch

The meeting centred around the ongoing scandal surrounding the use of duplicated items in Alathra. Duplication (colloquially known as "duping"), is regarded by many as an abomination to the natural order of the world; a sort of dark magic from the Astral Plane. The duplication crisis notably resulted in the fall of Slavongrad less than two weeks before this meeting convened.

While a member of the Alathran Independent Press, zaktoslph, documented the event, the agreements made during the meeting have not yet been made public. It is still unknown what significance, if any, it will have on global politics.