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Hargreev's Regular Skin
BornDistant Lands
Other namesHag, Harg
OccupationSoldier, Body Gaurd
Known forKais Kogong, Ashina, Sword Fighting, Fishing.

Hargreevs is a Fisher from Kais Kogong. She is best known for her power and violent tendencies. She is a warrior for Ashina and Kais Kogong.

Hargreevs joined January 10th, 2021



Hargreevs was born in distant lands far from Alathra. She spent most of her childhood making weapons and tools to defeat rabbits and squirrels to eat. As she grew up she started to make more advanced things. She began to make dynamite to gather riches for her family. After years and years, she created a great wagon to carry all of her things to new populated lands.

After this time she found herself on Ashina land. King KnightofNotch flew down from his palace in ashina to gift Hargreevs a blade. The blade was called Ashina's Blessing. Made of Silver to slay undead creatures. A few days after this incident, Hargreevs gave KnightofNotch an oath of loyalty to Ashina. Whilst she was in the mesa she slaved away to gain the very valuable material of netherite. With it she sold to Xenoarcadia to make thousands of dollars.

After a year of getting these items for money she had accumulated a large supply of the very cheap netherack. She had a plan to use it to make great bridges across the end islands, to gain the wings that the king of Ashina greeted her with the first day. She put her plan into motion the following day it took days within the end dimension but she gained her wings.

After these events she noticed that the Ashinians had gone on a lengthy vacation. She stayed in this nation for months but decided it was time to move across Alathra to Mjǫðr. During this time she was robbed of netherite, and left to meet a new friend Vasya.


Today Hargreev's body rests beneath an oak tree near the great library in Kais Kogong.


I should’ve fought

Then I wouldn't rot

I should’ve hid

Then I could’ve lived

I should’ve been more clever

Then I would’ve been secure

I should’ve stayed to myself

Then I would’ve been lesser.


Credit goes to Vasya for this template.