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Abandoned farms along the river in Xenoarcadia. Taken by zaktoslph.

Xenoarcadia was a town founded by Zaimone. It is noted for its incredible size and intricate industrial design. While it was originally located on the southeastern continent, it was refounded on November 20, 2020, having relocated to the source of a river close to the centre of the northwestern continent. On May 7, 2021, it was disbanded.

While once a major town, it is now in a completely ruined state. Despite its current dilapidation, it is still a very large development, with a footprint larger than that of High Ashina.


Old Xenoarcadia after it was abandoned following the raid by the people of Lothridge

Xenoarcadia was originally founded on November 18, 2020. It was located just south of the river from Lothridge. But day after its founding, Grandpa_boob and Ripesack, enraged by the close settlement of the new town, broke into the main building stealing their valuables and holding them hostage until the town was relocated. The next day the town was unclaimed and Xenoarcadia was rebuilt on the northwest side of the world, far from Lothridge's reach. Some say this certifies Zaimone to be the 4rth lord of Lothridge.

Xenoarcadia, before ruination, on November 24, 2020.

On May 7, 2021 Zaimone stepped down as the head of Xenoarcadia and disbanded the town. As a parting gift before his departure, Zaimone left a gift of many unused materials and decorations for the people of Ashina.

Current state

A portion of the ruins. Taken by zaktoslph.
From above, Xenoarcadia's complexity and size become apparent.

The ruins of Xenoarcadia still dominate the landscape of the northwestern continent. Several wooden paths and bridges, having been burned, now lead to nowhere. Many of the buildings have been at least partially destroyed, with eerie towers stretching into sky. The huge, efficiently-built sugarcane and bamboo farms make it a good spot for scavenging, but most of the chests have already been looted.

Several chunks were once claimed as outposts by Ashina, but the town is now totally abandoned. Despite abundance of shelter and materials, no one has reclaimed the town for themselves as of writing. Xenoarcadia now constitutes the largest complex of player-created ruins in Alathra. During one of the first raids on Xenoarcadia, it's said that a powerful artifact was found and passed around a few holders before making its way to The Ashina Empire. Players at the time did not know how the artifact worked and what its purpose was. It was thought to be useless, only being sold for around 10 netherite.