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The USA was formed out of the state of New Reno in mid-July by player Pandamaster2871 and had the cities New-Reno and the Temple of William. The USA also had occupied Arkaley and Sunspot. The official anthem of the USA is the Battle hymn of the republic. The USA before it was the USA was the state of New-Reno and it was involved in the Petroselinum crisis, the siege of Sunspot and of course ww1 where Acquavendia tried to conquer The USA and succeeded after a long and hard battle where acquavendia was pushed all the way back to lothridge. The USA was dissolved on July 20th at 11:31 and joined acquavendia. The USA had several leaders. Pandamaster2871 lasted 1 month, PiggysharkX lasted 1 week, and as of October 17th 2021, UsaZach is the president.


The USA has 8 official towns.

Towns Of The USA
Name Population
New Vegas 9
New Reno 6
New Southpoint 5
Atlantos 2
Vinchini 2
Bunkur_13 2
Newcrest 1
An image of New Vegas, the largest town in The USA.

New Vegas is the official capital of the USA and is the largest city in the country by area and by population. It is located at 1967 64 620 and has a size of 92/230. It's mayor is UsaZach, who is also The President Of The USA. The nation is technically administered from New Reno, where the senate is run. Located very close to the capital, it is the nation's second largest city. This makes it the only nation in Alathra to have 2 capitals.