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Elyrian Coalition War

Clockwise, from top left: Elyrian fort above Romanus Silva. Dessious (1death39) duelling with ShermansWorld at the Battle of Stormwind. LordCrowe duelling with an Elyrian fighter, possibly Attune, at the Battle of Castle Nevermore. Elyrian and Entente fighters at the Siege of Peachfield. Elyrian and Acquendavian fighters cornering Fred_book at the Battle of RedWood.
DateAugust 19, 2021 - August 30, 2021
Worldwide, mainly Gaushan and Arith

Elyrian-Acquendavian victory

  • Signing of the Treaty of Peachfield
  • Federation of Arith pays reparations to Elyria
  • Destruction of the Alathran Entente
  • Elyria becomes undisputed superpower of Alathra
  • Elyrian coup d'état and founding of the Elyrian Empire
  • Collapse of Pyrrhia and the Fossore Republic
  • Lydoneia swears fealty to the Elyrian Empire
  • Prospitian Revolution, subsequent Elyrian Civil War and collapse of Acquendavia

Commanders and leaders
  • King Eiric (_SHS_)
  • ShermansWorld
  • Attune
  • chickenprism
  • Grandpa_boob

  • LordCrowe
  • CottageGoblin_19
8 ~60
Casualties and losses
Multiple deaths Mass death: loss of multiple towns
  • a Only for the Siege of Peachfield; Taffasan was officially neutral for the war.
  • b Formally exited the Entente after August 20.
  • c Did not formally exit the Entente, but ceased belligerency after August 20.
  • d Ceased belligerency after August 20, formally exited the defunct Entente after the war's end.

The Great Alathran War, also known as the Elyrian-Entente War, Great War or The Elyrian Coalition War was a massive military conflict fought globally in August 2021, the largest war ever fought in Alathra. It saw the total mobilization of most of the world's great powers and split the world into two military alliances: the long-standing Elyrian-Acquendavian alliance and the Alathran Entente.

The war was sparked by an ultimatum issued by the Elyrians to the Federation of Arith, threatening war if their demands were not met. Relations between the two nations were icy from the very founding of Peachfield. In response, the FoA and its allies formed the Entente to counter the perceived Elyrian aggression, creating a large alliance that included much of the world's active population.

Despite their small number, Elyrian forces were able to win multiple key battles at the beginning of the fighting on August 20. The Elyrians used guerrilla tactics to distract and divide the huge Entente army to great effect, forcing the Entente to fight a war on multiple fronts at Romanus Silva, Castle Nevermore, Pyrrhus, and Blocksburg. While the Entente forces managed to regroup and force sieges at Savage Crow and the Elyrian capital of Peachfield, they were not able to break through into the heavily-fortified towns. These early Elyrian victories devastated the morale of the Entente forces, leading most of the alliance to leave the war a day after fighting began. A ceasefire was called that lasted until August 29. Between the two stages of fighting, Elyria underwent a civil war of its own over the group known as the Endermen Protection Agency, although the conflict was limited and did not affect the kingdom's Great War strategy. On August 29, Elyrian-Acquendavian forces defeated the Entente - which now consisted of only of the Federation and its mercenaries - at RedWood, drawing the Great War to a close. A peace treaty was signed between Elyria and the Federation the following day, with the Federation bending to many of the Elyrians' original demands.

The Great War permanently changed the political landscape of Alathra. The war caused the collapse of multiple nations with a large reduction of active population on the Entente side and cemented Elyria's status as the world's sole superpower. It was also characterized by great out-of-character hostilities between the two sides - Entente forces saw the war as not only a reaction against Elyria's hostilities but as revenge for their role in the semi-collapse of Kogongu and Ashina. The outcome of the war was massively controversial, with some choosing to leave the realm entirely after the Elyrian victory. After the war, ShermansWorld deposed King Eiric in a coup, crowning himself Emperor and founding the Elyrian Empire. Some former Entente nations swore fealty to this new regime.

But despite the conclusive Elyrian-Acquendavian victory, peace under Elyria would not last. Unrest in Prospit led to the Prospitian Revolution against Acquendavian rule. The new Elyrian Empire proved fragile, with its member states now split between staying neutral, or aiding/fighting against Acquendavia, sending the Empire into a brutal civil war.






Federation of Arith and Kingdoms of Arith


Fossores Republic

After the war was over, there were many dead and mass losses among the Fossores rank. A majority of the population was killed during this war and most if not all gear was destroyed or lost including their great artifact. Due to these massive losses, the Fossores Republic collapsed from the strain that this war caused. Falcon left the nation and soon after the head General Shil0 went into retirment.





Arcadian Altanate

Despite losing most of their armor and weaponry during the Great War, the Altanate ultimately came out of the conflict with minimal problems. The loss in the war was a slight hit to the nation's general morale, but the continued independence and unity of the Altanate along with the ease in replacing the lost armor and weaponry quickly counteracted most of the negative effects of the war.

Relations with the former Entente nations stayed warm, and relations with Elyria would eventually begin to improve a few weeks after the war's end. Despite the peace agreement with Elyria on August 21, Arcadia didn't fully withdraw from the defunct Entente until October 28, 2021, nearly two months after the war's end. This symbolic move was undertaken to distance the Altanate from its past failings, and formally disassociate with the failed alliance.