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Glider Fraemani
Glider's Common Wear
Other namesBrother Xanadu
OccupationLead Architect of Arcadia, Diplomat of Arcadia
Known forDesigning the Kogongu Flag, Holding the Positions of Lead Architiect of Arcadia and High Ambassador of Arcadia


Glider Fraemani is an architect/politician who identifies by the Kogongi race of north Koganon, he originally hailed from the city of Kais Kogong before taking up residence in the city of Wahat Almarjan, serving as the lead architect for the Altanate as well as one of his three mumbas (consultant). In Wahat, he learned of the Mufijo faith which he began to practice, unlike the Naism of the Kogongi which he never truly found himself devoted to. This devotion to the religion eventually lead to Glider using his architectural skills to mastermind the Grand Mosque of Jiba the Wise, a massive Mufijo structure which he intends to be one of the major landmarks of Alathra, if not the largest structure ever concieved in the entire realm. He is best known for helping to found the nation of Kogongu, designing the Kogongi flag, and playing a major role in the development of Wahat Almarjan as well as assisting in the founding of its' mother nation: The Arcadian Altanate.

Early Life

Not much is known about Glider's earlier years. It is believed he was born either on the North Eastern Coast of Koganon or somewhere in central Prospit, however the former is the more likely of the two. The only reason the second possibility is mentioned is because of a vague memory Glider holds of visiting the now decimated hide out of the Ferrymen when he was very young.

Personal Beliefs

Glider is an avid believer in direct democracy, seeing it as the de facto way to keep a community or nation in order. It is his personal ideal that all who fall under the jurisdiction of a nation should be allowed to have some kind of voice or role in defining that nation's actions. Due to this, he aims to create some kind of a senate or Citizens' Assembly in his residing nation the Arcadian Altanate so that the people may wield influence over the nation, rather than just the Altan and his three mumbas. This may seem hypocritical seeing as Glider is a Mumba himself but he intends on using his influence in order to achieve his goals.