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Federation of Kogongu
Kahinalu Kogongu (Kogongi)
The Federation of Kogongu on August 30, 2021, the day before its annexation by Arcadia
The Federation of Kogongu on August 30, 2021, the day before its annexation by Arcadia
The Federation of Kogongu on August 30, 2021, the day before its annexation by Arcadia
CapitalKais Kogong
Largest city Kais Kogong
Official languages Kogongi
Ethnic groups Kogongi
Religion Naism, Mufijo
Demonym Kogongi
Government Anarchistic federation
 •  Leader Vasya (de facto) None (de jure)
Legislature Kogongi Council
 •  Establishment of Kais Kogong April 4, 2021 
 •  Pultria Crisis June 27, 2021 
 •  Accession to Arcadia August 31, 2021 
Population 9 (August 31, 2021)

Kogongu was a nation located on the southernmost continent Koganon, bordering the Arcadian Altanate, Lydoneia, Lethos, and Bal Duran. It was founded shortly after the founding of its capital city, Kais Kogong. The nation was a hub for artists, scholars, and spiritual practices. They were content to remain in their own land, and tended to avoid wars on other continents.

The nation consisted of the towns of Kais Kogong, Anchridge, Spadecrown, and Ginion. It operated as a non-hierarchical, politically anarchistic federation.












"Kogan" means world, or more literally, plant and sea. During early encounters with an expanding Acquendavia, when asked who they were, the indigenous population replied with "Kogangi", or 'The people who live here'. This was interpreted by Acquendavians as being the name of their people, and rewritten as "Kogongi"

"Kogongu" is then an Aquendavian word meaning, Land of the Kogongi. Most Kogongi, however, refer to their country and continent as "Koganon". This word, literally translated means "The land where we live", although to the native Kogongi, it takes on a deeper meaning.


Kogongu was formerly established by Vasya__ in April 2021, as Kais Kogong began growing. The nation originally encompassed Morgana Bay, but would expand southward over the course of July 2021.


Kogongu is the Native homeland of the Kogongi people. They were hunter-gatherers who occupied the North end of the continent. Following first contact with Acquendavia, they slowly became a somewhat agricultural society.

Many Kogongi were captured by Lothridge armies and journeyed east, where they were forced to study at the towers of philosophy in order to assimilate to Aquendavian ideas. Instead, the religion of Naism, made up of old Kogongi legends and philosophies mixed with the experiences of those who studied at the towers, was formed.

Following the death of Naia, Vasya went into hiding in her homeland.


Although the land has always been inhabited by the Kogongi people, the Nation was formed in order to establish legitimacy in the ever changing, politically complex world of Alathra.

At its founding, it was inhabited by Native Kogongi, including Vasya and Game Glider SKG. Shortly after, Hargreevs immigrated to the growing town.

A new town, Wahat Almarjan was founded by IAmTheSenate13 on the 12th of April, 2021. After falling into disrepair for two months, it was restablished on the 29th of June, 2021.

Ashina-Lothridge War

Being a peaceful nation, Kogongu did not take sides in the war. They did however, attempt deescalation many times.

In the days leading up to the war, Vasya met with Jupiterdude, another prominent religious figure to discuss the war, describing a prophetic dream she had, wherein a mouth devoured the entire world, and her along with it.

When Dizzeave was captured and enslaved by Lothridge, Vasya and Hargreevs journeyed to Lothridge to negotiate the release of Dizzeave, who was a neutral party. However, Kogongi and Acquendavian philosophies were so different that the two could not hope to reason with each other. Vasya admitted to having cast Grandpa_boob's Virtue Rhetoric into the pit because she believed it to be incendiary and problematic. Grandpa_Boob responded by stabbing Vasya, who had no armor.

"The pursuit of power is fruitless, and cannot lead to anything but suffering"


-Vasya and Grandpa_Boob, shortly before Vasya's death

Realizing the war was inevitable, Hargreevs joined the Ashina Alliance in order to support her friends in Ashina. Vasya remained out of the fight, but gifted Ashina with one of three saplings imbued with the blessing of Namari, an ancient Kogongi priest. On the day of the battle, Vasya and Peridune of Bennessere set up a fully stocked medical tent to provide for soldiers on both sides of the war, believing that all deserved to be healed.

After the war, when Grandpa_Boob went on a murder spree following his exile for going on a murder spree in the name of Emperor KnightofNotch, Vasya attempted to reason him, intending to take him to Kais Kogong for rehabilitation, but was killed again in a blind rage.

The Thief from Bal-Duran

Shortly after the war, alexpotter03 joined the server. He spawned near Kais Kogong, and saw that Vasya had left several full shuckers in an unclaimed area. He, being low on gear, took them, as well as several stacks of iron and founded Bal-Duran.

Vasya responded to this by gifting alexpotter03 with a fifth shulker that contained a stack of food, a mending book, several emeralds and a diamond block, saying "Now that you have this, you will not need to steal anymore". Satisfied, she left. Hargreevs on the other hand, was not satisfied with this and went to Bal-Duran, demanding the shulkers and killing him repeatedly. This became a point of contention between Vasya and Hargreevs. One always chose peace, the other often chose violence.

Reconnecting with Voyagez

Following the brutal colonization at the hands of Lothridge, many Kogongi fled north, where they established the town of Voyagez. Though their culture had changed and evolved, they wished to connect with their ancestral roots, and so they requested to join Kogongu, which welcomed them with open arms.

Interactions with the PIB and Vasya's Exile

Main Article: Ashina-Kingdom of God War, Vasya

The Pact of the Immortal Blood was an assignation guild that killed targets for pay. On June 13th, 2021, after completing a hit on Shepsicle, an attempt was made to assassinate Hargreevs. EpicMasterVic arrived at Kogongu, invisible and attacked Hargreevs. Between Hargreevs and Vasya, the attacker was easily subdued. They carried a note indicating that King RaptorJ6 of Senza-Nome had paid for the hits on Hargreevs and Shepsicle.

The meeting to discuss the KOG conspiracy. From left to right: KnightOfNotch, Vasya, Shepsicle, ImmaNotScope, Hargreevs. Taken by Vasya.

A meeting was held in the Singing Squid Inn between Vasya, Hargreevs, and the Ashinian elite, including KnightOfNotch, Immanotscope and Shepsicle. The Ashinians were convinced that Raptor was working with the Kingdom of God to kill them. Vasya advocated for other theories, suggesting Raptor could have easily been claimed, also believing Grandpa_Boob of Lothridge to be involved. Her concerns were dismissed. Months later, a note was found by Dizzeave confirming that Raptor and the KoG were not even involved.

In early July, Vasya was attacked by PIB assassin VonDaConMan. She died, but received a note warning her that she was still being hunted. She fled into the wild, and spent the following weeks living in caves. During this time, she lost all of her gear in lava, including her Elytra. She also wrote a number of books, including a 40 page journal, Before the Fall Part 1, and Deeper. She eventually returned to Kais Kogong, after attempting to reason with the PIB and being killed.

The Pultria Crisis

The imperialistic Nation of Pultria was seeking out new territory for industry, power and slaves. After conquering the nation of Synbio, They turned their eye to Koganon. Chickenprism declared their intent to invade and conquer the town of Petroselinum. The Kogongi, having survived colonization before, refused to let their continent be conquered again. And so, for the first time in history, they declared war. Kogongu was backed by the Icesteel empire, the FCA, and several other small nations. They successfully repelled the Pultrian forces, and the Kogongi returned to the great library for negotiations. However, The FCA had other plans. They attacked the Pultrian capital, violently slaughtering the inhabitants. This put quite a damper on negotiations. Vasya had hoped to prevent her continent from ever being colonized by Pultria, and regain books stolen from the library, but instead protected only Petroselinum and her country.

Expansion and Growth

After their own nation was destroyed, the inhabitants of Synbio fled to Kogongu, where they formed the town of Anchridge. This marked the beginning of the Kogongi Golden age. New members began flooding to Kogongu in hopes of building a beautiful, peaceful nation. This included StarsTraveler (Pix), Lixionit, and Sillie_Millie. The town of Kais Kogong was expanded, and the arch of freedom was built. Shortly after, Kogongu formed the Koganon compact.

The Koganon Compact is a document uniting the southern continent. It states that the nations and towns there will work to support each other, and if any foreign nations attempt to colonize, the continent will join together to repel them. All new towns and nations formed on the continent will be supported.

The Secession of Wahat

After being a relatively inactive part of Kogongu for several months, the town of Wahat Almarjan made the desicion to secede form Kogongu. With Kogongu's approval, the town left Kogongu on July 21, 2021 and formed its own, religiously centered nation called the Arcadian Altanate.