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Dizzeave, sometimes referred to as Dub or Dubothy, is an altruist pacifist. Like many other notable names, Dizzeave seeks the secret to perpetual happiness. This has caused friction with other notable philosophers such as Grandpa_Boob.


Peridune and Dizzeave were refugees of a far off foreign war, and found alathra to be a land unexploited and full of opportunity. They parted ways upon entering Alathra.

The Kidnapping of Dizzeave

The day before the war, on May 10th, Grandpa_boob marched into Senza-Nome and kidnapped Dizzeave, a citizen of Fare-Sesso. Grandpa_boob claimed that Fare-Sesso had promised to support Lothridge in the coming war, and attempted to pressure Dizzeave into providing troops. Unfortunately for Lothridge, Dizzeave did not actually have much power in his nation, stating that "senza-nome doesn’t treat me too well [sic]". The situation was tense, with Dizzeave having been imprisoned in Lothridge proper. The kidnapping eventually took a lighter turn as Ripesack gave Dizzeave a scenic tour of Lothridge. Still, the reactions to the hostage-taking among the citizenry of Alathra were that of outrage and consternation. The incident only served to bolster the public opinion against Lothridge. Lothridge put Dizzeave to work on their wheat fields, he worked until the war ended.

Breaking off into Benessere

After reconnecting with Peridune in Senza-Nome, Dizzeave followed Peridune to a new site that Peridune had scouted for the creation of Benessere.

The Creation of the DPS

Unfortunately due to a side effect of being alive, Dizzeave was often killed by the people of Senza-Nome. This caused a renegade group of people to band together and form a group known as the Dizzeave Protection Services or DPS.

Members of the DPS:

  • Hargreevs (former member)
  • JDthoma (former member)
  • sitsit (former member)
  • Peridune (former member)

Founding of Windermere

As an escapist fantasy, Dizzeave founded the hamlet of Windermere. It is yet to be known if the carnage will follow him.