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Senate's Regular Attire
Native namePitru Ermení Punstraia
Pronunciation[ˈpʲi.tru erˈmɛni bunˈstraja]
BornDdaza (Ruined Town in Another Realm)
ResidenceHouse of the Arcadian Altan, Wahat Almarjan Province, Arcadian Altanate
Other namesBrother Boxer, Chorizo Khaan
OccupationAltan of Arcadia, Farmer, High Priest of Mufijo
Known forFounding Wahat Almarjan, Compiling the Holy Texts of Mufijo
TitleHis Divine Majesty, Eternal Servant of the Gods, Great Scribe of Mufijo, Holy Altan of Arcadia, Illustrious Sifan of Clan Punstraia, Pitru I

IAmTheSenate13, also known by his birth name Pitru Ermení Punstraia or his adopted name Senate (Used interchangeably), is the Altan (Religious and Political Leader) of the Arcadian Altanate, a theocratic oligarchic monarchy. He is from the ruined town of Ddaza, from which he fled after heavy religious persecution and threats of violence. He is the founder and mayor of the town of Wahat Almarjan.


Life Before Alathra

Pitru (Senate) was born in the town of Ddaza, a small town in a realm Senate has since left. He was born into a small clan of religious dissidents known as the Punstraia. In his early years, he was discriminated against due to his family's refusal to adhere to the official faith of the town. All of his relatives he knew of, his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins were all killed by a mob after being blamed for a particularly bad harvest year for the village. Pitru only survived by falsely submitting to the Ddazan's god, an act which he would repent for in his great months long wandering of Alathra. He was stripped of his property soon after and, fearing for his life, fled Ddaza to find a new home. Pitru did not get far from Ddaza when he saw smoke billowing from it, prompting him to run towards a nearby forest for safety. Senate had briefly just witnessed a vicious attacked on Ddaza, resulting in the suspected death of every inhabitant. This has made Senate the final person of Ddazan blood and the Sifan (leader) of the Punstraia Clan. In this forest, he fell asleep, weak and weary from hours of running, only to be awoken by a grand spectacle. Before him were the gods of his faith, Afi - the Sun, Jorb - the Moon, Xamu - the Earth. The three gods warned him of a search party out to kill him, hoping to eliminate any vestige of Ddaza's memory. The gods pitied him and gave him the option to leave his homeland, and instead walk through a fissure in realms to a new, safer place. They also bestwoed upon him the title of Senate, a word translating as "of the divine" as a way to disguise him from any enemies who may somehow follow Pitru through. With no options left, Pitru accepted and was ushered through by the divine of his faith.

The Great Trek

Senate awoke in a field of low grass and sparse trees. He looked around, hopefully safe from his enemies at last, seeing a blue sky and beautiful nature of a new land: Alathra. The gods came to him once more and promised to uphold his current safety, but only if Senate could survive a punishment for his renouncing of his faith to save his own life. Pitru would undertake half a year of wandering through a land dangerous and unknown to him.

Beginning a New Life

Through his travels, Senate reached the land of Koganon and encountered a man by the name of Game Glider SKG. Game Glider was one of the founders of the nearby nation of Kogongu, and, in his kindness, offered to help Senate become a resident. While Senate liked the idea of once again becoming a citizen of a nation, he also had his own vision for a society and preferred to make his home on a peninsula not far from the Kogongi capital at Kais Kogong. With the approval of the other Kogongi, Senate joined the nation of Kogongu and founded his own town, which he named after an Oasis of Coral in the vast sea surrounding the peninsula. This village, Wahat Almarjan (Axatu Marǧejá in Arcadian), would have a rocky start. After constructing his home and receiving help from Game_Glider in building the beginnings of a mosque for Senate's faith of Mufijo, Senate entered a long period of simple living. During this time, Senate would farm and pray peacefully and did not interact much with his fellow Kogongi for months on end. Senate also began using his old name of Pitru once more, after he learned of his homeland's grim fate.

Becoming a Leader

This peaceful and static state of affairs continued until Pmak, an ethnic Kogongi not part of the nation of Kogongu, joined the town. Pitru eventually constructed a wall when threats of war against Kogongu were made, and Wahat would begin to grow, along with Pitru's dedication to his faith. Game Glider joined Wahat not long after, with Pitru naming him as Lead Architect. Pitru, Game Glider, and Pmak were then each visited by one of the Three Gods of Mufijo in their dreams, who instrcuted the three to found an independent theocratic homeland for the followers of Mufijo, and to name an Altan to lead it. The gods also bestowed the title of Mumba upon the three avatars of the gods. The Three Mumbas eventually got the approval of Kogongu to form their Altanate, and Pitru, being the founder of the town and the only one of his people who stayed faithful to the gods, was named as the Altan. Pitru rules as an absolute monarch, with the two other Mumbas acting as the only check on his power. Wahat has drastically expanded, and the Grand Mosque of Jiba the Wise finally resumed construction under the supervision of Glider. Senate has in recent times has conducted diplomacy with the nearby town of Atolia and the nation of Elyria and has constructed several buildings in Wahat to improve the happiness of the residents, such as the first ever Dunkaccino's.

Political Beliefs

Senate believes himself and his two fellow Mumbas to be chosen by the gods of his faith, and thus is a supporter of the divine right theory of monarchy. Although currently an absolute monarch with small checks on his power from the other two Mumbas, Senate has expressed some support for a more democratic semi constitutional monarchy in the future, when the Altanate's population has grown.

Religious Beliefs

Senate is the leader of the faith of Mufijo, worshipping the Sun (Afi), the Moon (Jorb), and the Earth (Xamu). He has dictated the list of forbidden (Ansolla) and permitted (Consolla) things for the faithful. A key tenet of Mufijo is constructing works for the faith, which Senate and his fellow Mumbas have undertaken in their construction of the Grand Mosque of Jiba the Wise, which is to be the centerpiece of Wahat Almarjan.