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Midnight's Usual Attire
Rossea Mountain
Other namesThe Night Walker

Midnight is a Shadow Fae from Romanus_Silva. She is best known as a Senator of the FCA. She is currently engaged to marry General Tartarus of Romanus Silva.


Early Life

Midnight was born on Rossea Mountain to Nevea and Alaneo. Originally named Medora, she lived peacefully with her parents for five years atop Rossea in a small cottage. Once she reached her age of education, Alaneo relocated his family to Romanus Silva near distant relatives. Medora attended private tutor sessions in Romanus' esteemed library for ten years before she was allowed to participate in public school. Here, she fell in love with reading and became highly skilled in literature and mythology. Nevea, her mother, worried Medora would not be able to contain her unnatural abilities as a Shade and opted to protect her from her peers. Medora eventually convinced her parents to allow her to attend school in Romanus Silva with other kids her age.

On Medora's 15th birthday, Alaneo took Medora to public school for her first day. She was finally able to make friends and connections with her own people. It was during this transition she decided to go by Midnight. She felt it better represented her abilities and true self. Most of her peers were Forest Fae or Dryads. She only knew one other Shade, Tartarus. Although they shared abilities, such as unnatural speed and killer instincts, they did not interact kindly to one another in the first two years of knowing one another. Both treated each other with hostility and distaste.

It would not be until Midnight's 17th birthday that the two would learn to get along. Midnight was caught in a freak accident during hunting season where she was shot by a fellow party member when mistaking her for a wolf. Tartarus was able to travel to her quickly enough to apply pressure to her wound, stopping blood loss. Over the next few months, the two would grow close, bonding over their similarities and confiding in the differences. Shades were rare and almost never survived society.

When the two reached their 18th birthday, they participated in their graduation trials. Midnight and Tartarus worked together to beat every other opponent and refused to betray each other in the end for first place. They were each awarded a Medal of Honor for their courage and pristine skill they demonstrated. Midnight would eventually be awarded Town Leader. Tartarus became her second and integrated them into the Nation of the FCA. Tartarus moved on to become General of the FCA while Midnight took on her cabinet position as the Supreme Judge.

After working closely for two years together in the government, Tartarus would come to love Midnight immensely and propose to her in the observatory in her treasured library.

Modern Day

Today, Midnight lives in Romanus Silva as town leader. Herself and Tartarus continue to grow their town to prosperity and fulfillment. As a senator in the FCA, Midnight also holds the cabinet position as a Supreme Judge, overseeing operations and criminal legalities throughout her home continent, Arith. The two are still engaged to wed with no wedding date as of now.


-Shadow Fae: Shade

-Super Speed

-Killer Instincts

-Heightened Senses for Hunting

-Perfect Aim with a Bow