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Coat of arms
Motto: "Yfel fel Yu, Dadou fel Arth!"
Location of Taffasan on Alathra.
Location of Taffasan on Alathra.
Government Council
 •  Inkeep Thaeorn
 •  Established 20 July 2021 
 •  September 9th 2022 census 13

Taffasan is a town founded to facilitate good drink and food, made around the inn and tavern that's atop the terraced mountain that gives it's town name.


Taffasan was founded by Thaeorn, formerly a citizen of Peachfield and member of the Farmer council after differences with the leadership of Elyria. Having decided to retire from politics he set off on exploring the continents of Alathra, in which he found the mountain where he'd begin construction of Taffasan.


Taffasan is a boiling pot of cultures thanks to it's residents coming from all around Alathra, but the way of life in Taffasan gave rise to some distincts features.

People in Taffasan heavily value their work and the peace in the inn, they enjoy good food and good drink, although it lacks hierarchy there is great pride in their position within the inn and how close their work relates to it or their residence is to the building itself.


As of census data from September 9th, Taffasan has thirteen members.

  • Thaeorn
  • Jasmine_Galador (Camellia Falnor)
  • Bolivar_Bless
  • Magma_Beans
  • Yincherri (Kador)
  • yoosanghoon (Brandt of the Beet)
  • ChanclaVibes (Angel)
  • Takaradnd
  • Haccer869926
  • Cottage_Goblin19
  • Whispeve
  • Comrade_Rozanov
  • Mqff1ns
  • Phone1174