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Flag of RedWood
StateFederation of Arith
Founded byCoolGummyBear
 • MayorViscount CoolGummyBear

RedWood (/ˈrɛdˌwʊd/[1]) is a town located on the southeastern mainland of Arith. It is currently a part of the Federation of Arith, with no occupying nation.



RedWood was founded when Coolgummybear and Fred_book left the town and nation of Rome to start their own town on June 15th 2021. They left walking east when they came across a valley, quickly they decided this would be were they stayed and so they got to work setting up a campsite. With the following days a protective wall surrounded the camp with two towers guarding the entrance.


On 06/28/21, RedWood had joined Synbio. Later on June 28, 2021, Synbio had disbanded, leaving RedWood without a nation. The next day, RedWood along with many former Synbio towns were invited to the FCA and had accepted the invitation. They have been a prominent and active town in the nation since. Following the FCA splitting into two nations Redwood stuck with HighTide and joined The Federation of Arith.



On 06/16/21, SteviusBlockius, the leader of Rome arrived from an extended absence and was surprised to see RedWood so close to his nation. A meeting was arranged and the members of RedWood met with SteviusBlockius. The Members of Redwood made it clear that the leadership of Rome was lacking and Rome was very close to them and had the most advantageous position in the area. They asked for the land since Rome had very little people. This was promptly refused and a number of other options were considered. In the end a compromise was made. They would be two separated territories, RedWood would not be part of Rome and the two would be allies. Any extreme land disputes would be settled by a 1v1 duel of the two groups leaders.

On 06/19/21, 3 days after the alliance was formed, the city of Rome had been disbanded following the assault on the nearby Amskenfort[2], due to the failure of paying the upkeep. RedWood had later turned the now abandoned land in to an outpost in order to protect the land of Rome. On 0/8/01/21 The town of Rome came back and Redwood honored the word and gave Rome's land back to them so they could start expanding. Rome joined the FCA about a week after the town was founded.

RedWood-Khuamont History

Redwood was given the land and the people of the nearby town Khuamont dude to the short distance between each other. Their leader Naaman shared power with Coolgummybear and Fred_book until Naaman, as well as the other members of former Khuamont, left. The East side of the town as of 07/14/21 stands abandoned. Coolgummybear was made a general in the F.C.A. army and Fred_book became the senator in his place.


As Redwood gained players the campsite outpost was not fulfilling the needs of the town members so the mayors of Redwood decided to start work on the first building, the town hall. The town hall was a smaller two story building that contained Redwoods public storage, the nether portal, and the enchantment table. The town hall also has a meeting area and a chest of Redwoods most valued pieces of history. Over the following weeks more and more buildings were made as the campsite was taken down and permanent houses and settlements were built.

A picture of the beautiful Redwood scenery captured by CoolGummyBear .




Magical aspects

For years the citizens of Redwood have wondered why the plant life has been uncontrollable, every time it is cut it grows back worse within the hour. Recent discoveries in the Mines of Redwood has shown signs of a mystic cave. Some kind of energy is being put out from somewhere in the cave, it is believed to be a life energy force that is causing the uncontrollable growth.


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