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The Temple Of Romulus, Invictus. It rests upon the only remaining structure from that era: the Citadel.

Rome was an early settlement of Arith, and the capital of the short-lived Roman Civilization. It was founded by a seafaring colonist, Stevius "Caesar" Blockius, on the 10th of June, 2021 - notably, within a day. The earliest townsite took hold of an older Villager colony on the southernmost coast of Arith, at the mouth of the Amkens River in Stormwind Bay.

In what is considered Rome's first true conflict, a prominent aristocrat and Roman elitest known as Scratus met with many nameless politicians without the sanction of Lord Stevius in what was then a city in south-west Ashina, and would at his own risk pose the understandably controversial idea of uniting the world under one banner. At the mere mention of this, the battle-hardened Lord Hargreeves posed an idea of their own: "Those who wish to oppress shall be oppressed themselves!" With this, Hargreevs slew Scratus on the spot, before turning his sights on Lord Stevius, who had just recently arrived at the council. Stevius was similarly slain by Hargreeves, and though he would apologize for his citizen's actions, a hatred for many was born.

Rome before its destruction. Taken by zaktoslph.

Seeking to expand his territory, Stevius would declare war on the nearby town of Amkens Fort on the 17th of June, 2021, and subsequently occupied the town. However, Rome itself would undergo a number of disasters later that day. Tamagoth, a citizen of the nearby town of Redwood set fire to the unclaimed village where Rome was situated, and this event became known as the Great Fire of Rome. A few hours later, Rome was disbanded as it failed to pay its upkeep. The remaining houses were sacked and burned by unknown assailants. Redwood took what was left of Rome's territory for the day in which they might return. They did.