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There is evidence to suggest that there is more than one humanoid race existing in the world of Alathra, various "mythical" species and cultures.


Humans are the most abundant and widespread species on Alathra, characterized by bipedalism, patches of hair cross their body coming in several possible colors, bearing a variety of possible skin tones, and rounded ears. Humans have a natural lifespan of around 80 years, reaching maturity around 18 years old. Adults of this race average around 5 and a half feet tall (167.64 centimeters).

Humans are highly social and tend to live in complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families and kinship networks to political states. Social interactions between humans have established a wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which bolster human society. Curiosity and the human desire to understand and influence the environment and to explain and manipulate phenomena have motivated humanity's development of science, philosophy, mythology, religion, and other fields of study. While it is rare for Humans to be born with magic, it is not uncommon for them to learn it later on in life.


The dwarves of Kharn Burim are a well known ethinic group, noted for their skillful metalurgical standards

and impressive subterranian architectural marvel located in Bal Duran.


The Silvan may very well be a race of elf-like forest dwellers. Unconfirmed.


The Aitectli are amphibious Fish humanoids, forever bound to not stray far from water. The Aitectli are one of the most diversified of the Alathra species, with a great deal of personal variability and uniqueness. Many subspecies arose from a basal ancestor, each one perfectly adapted for a particular habitat. From the black meanders of the deep ocean, with its denizens of bioluminosity and transparency, to the dull colors and frills resembling dead foliage of the swamps, to the vibrant colors of the coral encrusted reefs.


The Villagers are a race of humanoid hunter gatherers that seemingly predate the "human" civilizations by several thousand years. The territories by which the Villagers once prospered have long been colonized by the "new humans" and now play victim to subjucation and even slavery. The Villagers lived a seemingly passive and largely agricultural lifestyle and characterized themselves with religion and recorded history. Every Villager settlement was centered around the discovery of fresh water to which was built a well, water channels, stepped farmlands, roadways and buildings, all whilst developing a variety of professions, an economy, and a social heirachy. The Villagers have a varying multitude of qualities unique to their race, such as tall sloping foreheads, prominent brows, and long stooping noses. It is worth noting that the Villagers seemingly viewed the color purple as having magical qualities.


What the fuck are beastfolk?


There is fleeting accounts of Goblins, most notably Maggot of Redna.

The Malecultus

The Malecultus are the vile ranks of the dark lord Gorcon, most notably composed of Dragons, Giants, and Witches.

The Arcane

The Arcane is the collective use of magic, spanning all races.


Centurions are ancient guardians, product of magic.


Demons are creatures hailing from the fiery realm of the Nether. Varying wildly in physical characteristics, they are hard to identify. Most commonly they are bipedal, possess one or more sets of horns and have high body temperature and heat resistance. Their skin tone varies wildly and may have patches of hair, be fully covered in hair or be hairless. Their ears also vary in shape and size or they may have no ears at all. Their height may vary anywhere from a few inches tall to the size of large buildings. Uniquely this race is near university adept in the way of the arcane from birth. Their natural lifespan is unknown, but some are known to be thousands of years old.

There are two known “tiers” of Demon, Lesser and Greater. Lesser demons make up the majority of the race and typically act as mean spirited tricksters or helpful friends for a small price. Their magic is comparable to the average mage in Alathra. Greater Demons are an ascended form of lesser demon, having accumulated power over a long time or through special rituals. They are known to give both horrifying curses and awe inspiring blessings of an equally awe inspiring price. Most Greater Demons are known by a title fitting their magical specialization.

While not inherently evil, both tiers of demon tend lean towards the darker side of the moral spectrum. Whether this is by nature or nurture is unknown.

While it is quite rare for demons to form societies, those that do typically see Greater Demons ruling over Lesser Demons in either a monarchy or oligarchy.


Angels are creatures said to have walked Alathra in ancient times. As no method is known to reach their home realm, very little is known about them other than legends. According to these ancient accounts, they are bipedal humanoid creatures with either pale or pure-white skin and hair. Their eyes typically are bright colors like red or gold, which are especially prevalent when contrasted with their complexion. They have either rounded or pointed ears and hair on top of their heads. They possess a pair of feathered wings, and in some accounts possess a glowing ring floating above their head.

While only speculated by scholars it is believed that rather than coming from a divine origin they originate from an alternate realm like the nether, with Angels being paralleled to lesser Demons and legendary "Arch-Angles" being parallels to Greater Demons.

While naturally gifted in magic, their magical talents lean towards beneficial "Buffs" and healing abilities.