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An artistic rendition of a Giant.


Giants are an ancient race of seemingly humanoid creatures, characterized by their great size, hence the name "Giant". Giants can reach nearly 12 blocks tall, 6 times taller than the average Alathran man. Giants posses a grotesque, misshapen complexion, complete with a dull green hue and pigmentation. They appear to be adorned in abused, makeshift tunics, suggesting some intelligence. Some Alathrans, often known as "Giantslayers", devote their lives to the extermination of Giants. An unequipped and unknowledgable person will almost surely die upon confronting one. An arrow from a bow will pierce no Giants hide, for it is too armorous and thick. A successful Giantslayer will be revered in Alathra as a great warrior, fueled by the lucritive collection of a Giants head, although many die to an alleged "3 swift strikes" from the beast. A Giant can allegedly summon other monstrous creatures to its aid, possibly pointing to a Giants ancient sole purpose, but this remains little more than myth in the eyes of Alathran scholars and historians.


Many religious and scientific sources exist with differing stories on the origin of the Giants. Some of the most prominent theories are listed below.

From an Encavian text by about Giants:

Some scholars believe Mount Xeno in Arith to be the birthplace and homeland of the Giants, although no further research into their origins have been conducted. 

From an Alathrist text about The Malecultus:

Giants are ancient creatures of great size, speculated to be demigods of Gorcon with the purpose of ruling his disciples for him.

From a textbook about Jurgen culture:

In Jurgen folklore, the Giants are said to be the cursed, weakened forms of a race called the Titans. The Titans were nearly indestructible and brought unspeakable devastation to Alathra. No man, beast, or plant was safe from their wrath. The Titans ravaged the earth for millenia before they were finally stopped by the Jurgen shamans. The ancient witch doctors put a curse upon the Titans that would leave them sickly and confused for eternity. It is unclear what magic keeps the Titans in their weakened forms, but the Jurgs pray to the gods that they stay the way they are now.


- Giants Bane is a mythical "Giant-Killing" weapon.

- The Pact of the Immortal Blood released an image of what appears to be a captive, armored Giant. The image was captioned, "The Pact’s infamous mysterious subject, titled Operation GOLIATH"

The image released by the P.I.B.

- According to Username_DjM8, the warriors at The Bloodbath of Coldfront slew a large number of Giants with little trouble.

- One source says that Elyria had a farm where they raised and killed Giants to harvest their resources. The farm was supposedly demolished by "Chicken".

- In Pzychosocial's description of the Isvikings, it is said that "The Isvikings are generally human, but sometimes also giant..."

- From a text on Mount Xeno:

The mountain also seems to be an aparant hotspot of Giant sightings, perhaps a different variation or a location of origin.