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Alathrism centres around the reverence of the all-powerful EmprZedd, chief of the gods, more commonly referred to as "Zedd". He is responsible for the creation of the world along with its inhabitance, especially of the Humanoid Races, of which it is said that he has communicated with Alathran mortals, in a physical form or through alleged telekineses. Zedd is strong-minded, and will not shy away from punishing the truly wicked to often extremes, casting them from the edges of Alathra. Zedd is followed by an unknown number of celestial agents, commonly known as "Demigods". It is said that one can ascend to this role, similar to the beliefs of the Havenian Pantheon, in which you can be called upon after having proved yourself succeeding some great sacrifice, and have made known your true virtue. Most demigods walk amongst us mortals, keeping peace and resolving conflict.

The world of Alathra.


- Pierogi, chief of the demigods.

- Dessious, a largely anomalous god of persistance. A leader of people.

- Dizzeave, a god of peace who has fallen victim to Grandpa_boobs war mongering.

- Daeron, a god of ideals.

- Yusan, a god of logic.

- Mega, god of mischief.

- Rynnth, a lowly demigod of ignorance.

- Thaeorn, a god of negotiation.

Gor-khan the Wicked

Opposing the greater powers is the entity known as Gor-khan the Wicked. He was a mortal once (a real in-game person), but opposed to ascending to a demigod descended into wickedness. All evil in the world is attributed to him, every wrong, every misdeed, every great catastrophe is of his blame (allegedly). It is legend that Gor filled the world with demons in times of old, some ancient conflict of celestial beings, perhaps having some connection to the mythical Betrayel of the Angels instilled in the Cult of Averon. Many demonic creatures remain in Alathra known as the Malecultus, most notably Giants, Creepers, and a varying category of the undead. Gor-khan's political views are clear, although there is a written philosophy dating back to the pen and hand of Gor himself.