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Naaman, a man with an unpronounceable name from the deep depths of the cubic crust of Alathra, emerging from his long slumber during the month of the bee, awoken by a prophet who stumbled their way into his cavern. Foretelling him of the great dark ages to come, with this info, he rose to the surface and quickly found two travelers he found to share similar goals but different strengths than him, those two players are known as Zaaron and ConacoGaming, One wielding unmatched strength with the Bow and Arrow, and the other, had the power to create anything at a moments notice.

Political Ties

Naaman currently lives in his second home in the town of Vyzia Ormon where he is second in command, and is in The Federation of Arith. He is a General in the Great Federation Army, and is also the minister of industry.


Naaman has wrote three books, all are kept private but the titles are known. In 100 Days, which keeps all of his secrets and will be released 100 days after his death. Bliss and Power, which is the key to Bliss through power. A philosophical book, takes tribute to The Virtue Rhetoric, it is currently in the works, and will be finished within the next Alathran year. The third of these books is a short poem which will reveal the location of all his wealth once he has passed. Two of the three books will release at no cost, and the 100 days book will be released for a market price of 10k.