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The Endermen Protection Agency (EPA) is an organization of those who worry the slaughter of endermen and its effects on the greater world of Alathra. The group is secretive in nature but claims to be made up of skilled fighters and nation leaders. Some people believe the EPA is using the "protecting enderman" act as a front to stop other players from easily gaining levels and thus enchantments.


The EPA revealed itself on August 17th, 2021. Their initial statement laid out a list of rules and justifications for their founding. It is unknown if they had been acting as a shadow organization before they were public.

Statement to the Public

In their initial statement, the organizations stated goals are "to stop endermen poachers in their tracks, by implementing strict control over the end." Their reason for founding was that studies conducted by Elyrian Scientists had found the mass slaughter of endermen to be causing ecological devastation. They laid out rules for other players to follow to avoid violating EPA guidelines.

EPA Rules

  1. Killing endermen for ANY REASON will result in a punishment of death. If you have been on the server for more than two weeks, your items will be taken and will be auctioned off. Money made from this auction will be used to pay for EPA functions.
  2. Building endermen farms for ANY REASON will result in a punishment of death and a fine of up to $150,000. If the decided upon fine is not paid within a reasonable time period, the EPA will use other methods to obtain the funds.
  3. If you are not an EPA member, and you are caught loitering near an endermen farm without reporting it to the EPA or taking it upon yourself to destroy the farm, you will be executed on the spot.
  4. Defending or harboring endermen poachers will result in death and a fine of $10,000. Any nation harboring endermen poachers unknowingly will not be punished.

Public Accomplices

The only open member of the EPA is chickenprism. In their initial message to the people, they put out an invitation to join the organization after an unspecified test.