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The Solar Kingdom of Elyria, formally the Kingdom of Elyria, the Empire of Elyria, and Stahlfaust-Elyria (in union with Stahlfaust), is a constituent Kingdom of the Holy Solarian Empire.

Solar Kingdom of Elyria
Regnum Solarium Elyria
Religion Solaris
Demonym Elyrian
Government Theocratic absolute monarchy as a constituent Kingdom of the Holy Solarian Empire
 •  Solar King Aldrich Teagan
 •  Proclaimation of Elyria July 7th 2021 
 •  Proclaimation of Stahlfaust-Elyria  
 •  Advent of the Empire September 1st, 2022 


Noteable Players

Name Title IGN Councilor
Eiric King of Elyria, Lord Protector of Peachfield _SHS_ Yes
Ralf Hand of the King Attune Yes
Sherman Master of Diplomacy Shermansworld Yes
N/A Lord Commander of the Grand Elyrian Army chickenprism Yes
Yusan Grand Maester yoosanghoon Yes
Theodmer Governor of Redna Theodmer Yes
Spainard Governor of Renova Spaniard2955 Yes
Keyral Commander of the Grand Elyrian Army Keyral Yes




The Freedom of Briscoe Ranch

Following the Lord of Peachfield’s downfall, the lords of the neighboring town of Briscoe Ranch (then RAM RANCH) prepared to meet the same fate. After a year of struggle, the men of Peachfield managed to assist the peasants of Briscoe in their own revolt, freeing the town and creating strong ties between the now free settlements.

The Chancellor's Request

Six years had passed since the Peachfield Revolution had occurred within the castle’s walls. With the Ashina Fare-Sesso war raging on, Chancellor Cody of the F.C.A. (Now Federation of Arith) pleaded with the now free town’s council to take up arms in the ongoing conflict in order to prevent Ashina from conquering the realm. Alas, the council decided to decline the Chancellor’s request, as a result of the past crimes of the FCA against Peachfield and its inhabitants.

Nevertheless, the war was beneficial to no-one. Joining together with longtime allies at Briscoe Ranch to form a diplomatic union, now called Elyria, they pledged to offer their support to the then-Ashinan town of Lothridge if they were to declare independence from the overbearing nation. Lothridge accepted this offer, declaring independence and joining with Fare-Sesso in the nation of Acquendavia. Ashina refused to fight their own people, ending the war with an alliance forming between Elyria and Aquendavia.

The Era of Expansion

Loyalty of the Nevermore Brigade

For many years following the revolution, the Knights of Nevermore refused to recognize the newly freed town’s inhabitants as the New Lords of the land. Once loyal to the Old Lords of Peachfield, the Nevermore Brigade swore fealty to the new nation of Elyria and the Farmers’ Council of Peachfield following the new nation's creation. Following the March on Lyon the Nevermore Brigade peacefully broke away form Elyria, moving south and joining the nation of Southada.

Kaer Nevura and Petroselenium

Following the Pultria Crisis the island of Petroselenium fell under the control of The Horizon League. The growing nation of Elyria soon entered negotiations with Devox_Runeheart of The Horizon League for the purchase of Petroselenium island. The brutality of the war brought to the island’s shores forced the Petroselenium monks to flee the once sacred land in search of a new home. One such monk by the name of Yusan refused to leave. He welcomed Elyrian rule, believing it would bring peace and order to the abandoned island. The Elyrians recognized Yusan as the governor of the new settlement, and with their help he began constructing a great fortress to serve as the first line of defense for his homeland. Abandoning the island’s holy and pacifistic roots, Yusan and the reformed town of Kaer Nevura swore allegiance to Elyria, joining the budding nation in its expansion away from its capital. Yusan was granted councilship and quickly rose through the ranks of the Elyrian court to become Grand Maester of Elyria.

March on Savage Crow

Continuing their quest for expansion, the people of Elyria marched to Savage Crow, seeking to recruit its people into the growing nation before the established superpower of Aquendavia took their chance away. With the promise of councilship, Chickenprism, formerly of Pultria and Lothridge, granted the Elyrians’ request, joining the nation willingly to the surprise of the Elyrian forces.

The New Lords of Ehir

After the revolution of Peachfield and the subsequent loss of Briscoe Ranch, the Old Lords of the land abandoned the castle of Ehir, fleeing from the combined forces of the new nation. Though the fortress would remain abandoned for years, nearly eight years following its abandonment, a deserter by the name of Wolf from New Reno was granted the castle by the Elyrian Council, bringing his forces along with him to the growing nation.

Pledge of Sovereignty

With Elyria’s influence growing within the realm of Alathra, the Elyrian Council, now entitled the Elyrian Grand Council, declared sovereignty of the continent of Gaushan. Far from the place of struggle from which the nation began, the now powerful nation of Elyria pledges to drive foreign powers off the continent’s soil, encouraging new settlement of the relatively desolate continent without foreign intervention.

The New Reno-Acquendavia War

Following the declaration of war on New Reno by Acquendavia, an imperialist superpower located on the western continent, the nation of Ashina provided New Reno with significant resources and military forces. Though many councilmen argued against involvement in this conflict, upon learning of the involvement of the Hermit Hargreevs and the nation of Ashina, Councilmen Eiric and Chickenprism joined the war effort, fighting on the front lines at New Reno. Though the initial effort was met with strong resistance and the Acquendavian forces were pushed back to Lothridge, there they were joined by reinforcements consisting of the Elyrians Ralf and Sherman as well as co-king of Acquendavia Ripesack, breathing new life into the weakened soldiers. Eventually, after the defeat of Shalom and Immanotscope at the hands of Sherman and Ralf, along with the felling of Pandamaster by Eiric and the illustrious King grandpa_boob of Acquendavia as well as the retreat of the Hermit, Lothridge was successfully defended by the Acquendavian war effort. Following this victory, the Acquendavian-Elyrian combined forces fought on, pushing the enemies back to New Reno and eventually winning the day in the name of Acquendavia, further deepening the strong alliance between the two nations. Chickenprism notably secured a seat on the council as the Lord Commander of the nation's army after fighting valiantly in the war.

The Hermit's End

Soon after the victory at New Reno, the Elyrian forces would face yet another threat. The Hermit Hargreevs of Ashina, in the days following the war, would make attempts on the lives of many members of Elyria. After these repeated assaults continued, resulting in the loss of lives and powerful gear, it was decided that Kaer Nevura would be the staging place for their retaliation. Using Hargreevs' devious tactics against her, Yusan lured her to the fortress on the once peaceful isle, though the pacifistic ways of its former inhabitants were long forgotten. With the promise of wealth and glory, the Hermit entered the castle only to find herself trapped within its keep. As she sought after a way out of the impenetrable fortress, doors sprung open from all sides of the entry hall, revealing the shining armor of Elyrian men. Eiric, Ralf, and Sherman revealed themselves, entering not just the hall in which the Hermit was trapped, but the grueling fight that would lead to her defeat as well. Though she fought valiantly, in the end the Hermit's strength faltered under the combined force of the four men, her helm shattering to the floor in pieces as she was impaled by Sherman's blade. With blood shed on the castle floors, Yusan had truly left the pacifistic ways of his past behind, remaining in control of the once powerful Hargreeves' armor, with the sacred wooden axe being claimed by Head Councilman Eiric himself.

Recognition by Fossores

Once again, following the secession of New Reno from Acquendavia, the Elyrian forces found themselves locked in intense combat at the now independent town. Lord Commander Chickenprism of Savage Crow ventured to the town in an effort to kill the town's leader, PANDAMASTER, following this declaration of independence, however this would not quite go to plan. Though Panda was eventually killed in combat, the army of Fossores soon arrived at the battlefield, coming to his aid in a time of need. With Chickenprism cornered, Eiric joined him at the scene, with Ralf and Sherman arriving soon after. Though Chickenprism, Ralf, and Sherman were eventually forced to retreat, Eiric valiantly fought on, leading to an impossible fight. One man versus an army, though after a hard fought battle Eiric would soon prove victorious in this engagement. The retreated Elyrian forces would rejoin with Eiric soon after, decimating the Fossores army and defeating them in combat with ease. Upon their defeat, Panda was forced to abdicate his war for independence, with Fossores admitting defeat and recognizing the true strength of Elyria. Peace is made between the two nations, with non-agression pacts being formed and reparations for their losses on the battlefield being payed by the nation.

King Eiric