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Fare-Sesso is a Kingdom expanding over the plains and highlands in the north of the continent of Prospit.


Early Period

Fare-Sesso was one of the first independent nations to be founded on Prospit, on May 20, 2021. It consisted of the capital city of Senza-Nome, Moohill, Benessere, Chad-Ville, and The-Altar. The nation participated in the Ashina-Lothridge War. While Lothridge attempted to ally with Fare-Sesso, the nation ultimately fought alongside Ashina. On July 7, 2021, Ashina emperor KnightOfNotch declared war on Fare-Sesso, accusing Raptor of ordering assassinations on prominent Ashina noblemen in the leadup to the Ashina-Kingdom of God War. July 11, 2021, the nation was dissolved. Senza-Nome and The-Altar subsequently joined Acquendavia.

Acquendavian Hegemony

During the rule of the Acquendavians, Fare-Sesso was one of the most important fiefs of the Kingdom. The rulers of old Fare-Sesso did not lose significant territorial control to the Acquendavian King, Grandpa_Boob, but were nevertheless subjects under tyranny.

During the Prospitian Revolution, Fare-Sesso sat strategically on the side lines while the rest of the Kingdom of Acquendavia fell.

Re-asserted Independence

After the Prospitian Revolution the nation came together again officially as Fare-Sesso and adopted its old territorial claims. Slight territorial changes were done throughout the ages between August to November 2021 in agreements with several nearby nations, such as Nixium, USNET and various other city states.


Starting around November 2021, many different tribes and peoples migrated into Prospit as there was plentiful land since Acquendavia had fallen. Among these were the Cresvlitsin and the fore-runners of today's Uomini-Caldi, the Tribe of Aratel and Eastwatch. Fare-Sesso united many of the migrants under its banner and religion, Woahbradism, creating a super power which came to be known as Fare-Unire. The country became by far the largest and most powerful in all of Prospit and caused commotion in the balance of power, which proved to be very sensitive. Through many diplomatic efforts from powerbrokers across the whole world an uneasy status quo was reached that allowed Fare-Unire to exist. Unfortunately for the kingdom, several skirmishes took place between the tribe of Aratel and the Arcadian Altanate, and after an incident involving dubious circumstances and freakishly small and far away territorial landgrabs, Fare-Unire found itself being declared war on by all major powers: the FCA, the Arcadian Altanate, the Republic of Lydoneia and the Empire of Ashina. It was, least to say, a confusing time.