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Capital City of the Pyrrhian Collectivist Council Republic
Flag of Pyrrhus
Motto(s): Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch
"Workers of the world, unite!"
EstablishmentJuly 31, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-07-31)
Founded byMelevor
 • PremierMelevor
 • Deputy Premierccaarrll_emda
 • Grand MarshalDedrich
Population 16


The Commune of Pyrrhus, officially the Miner and Farmers Commune of Pyrrhus is a socialist town is located in the North West of Arith. The Commune is most notable for it's political structure, being the first dictatorship of the Proletariat on the continent of Arith. It is the capital city of the Pyrrhian Collectivist Council Republic.


The name Pyrrhus is derived from the proto-Pyrrhian word pyrhos, meaning "stronghold", "citadel", "fortress". As the Pyrrhian Prolet language developed further in more recent times the word has been given more meaning as the ethnic group of Pyrrhians, who once were nomads in Arith's North West have developed into a strong and centralized commune around the settlement which has now become Pyrrhus.


Revolution and Establishment

Before the modern Pyrrhus was founded, Pyrrhus was a small settlement controlled entirely by an oppressive bandit warlord who had escaped to the relatively isolationist North West of Arith and had enslaved the native Pyrrhian peoples. Under the influence of the future Premier Melevor, the serfs of the settlement overthrew the oppressive regime of the warlord and executed him. This led to the establishment of the Commune, and the government of the now Premier Melevor.

Expansion and "Building Socialism"

Since then, the main focus of the Pyrrhian government has been the rapid industrialization and expansion of the settlement, going from a small collection of bunkers under a hill to a newly sprouting city and hub of civilization in the North West. The government has categorized all citizens into three respective unions to carry out various deeds such as mining, farming and exploring. The centralized command economy has further enabled the rapid expansion of the settlement as it continues to grow.

Establishment of the P.C.C.R

While refurbishments of building interiors was underway, the reactionary bandit GoodVibes made their way to the town and attempted to assassinate Premier Melevor by asking guards to "wait downstairs", while asking Melevor to remove his armor. To his better judgement, Melevor did not remove his armor and was not surprised when GoodVibes immediately started attacking him. Guards were called and GoodVibes was killed. Following this assassination attempt the leadership of Pyrrhus were emboldened and determined to establish their own nation so that they could not be attacked so easily, and could be given more methods to defend themselves with. In a special congress of the town's residents the Pyrrhian Collectivist Council Republic, or PCCR was declared.



The Commune is governed by three men who lead in the form of a council called the Politburo (Political Bureau) these three men are:

  • Premier Melevor - The infallible leader of the working class. He has complete control of the city, from the People's Government, Red Army, judiciary and citizenry.
  • Deputy Premier ccaarrll_emda - The second in command to the Premier. He operates as the top of command while the Premier is absent.
  • Grand Marshal Dedrich - Commander of the Miners and Farmers Red Army and head of military operations.


The Provisional Politburo

The Provisional Politburo of the Commune is the revolutionary headquarters of the Pyrrhian Government. It is the office of the Premier and contains the meeting room of the Politburo. The building stands as the current tallest building in the city, and as the centrepiece of the whole settlement. The PCCR was declared on the top floor of the Politburo in the meeting room when it was temporarily changed into a congress room. The are plans in future to build an entire government quarter of the city, repurposing the current building.

The Commissariat of War

The Commissariat of War is a building to the right of the Provisional Politburo housing the command of the Red Army, the protectors of the city and state. The building is easily identifiable by the two wings, central square and two flag poles bearing the red banners of socialism on them.

The Commissariat of Enlightenment

The Commissariat of Enlightenment is a building to the left of the Provisional Politburo housing the Commissar of Enlightenment, SaturnDevouring, and his staff. The interior of the building is currently under construction and is estimated to be finished soon.

The People's Bar

The People's Bar is a drinking establishment owned by Comrade Citizen Goldoguy. It is the city's first drinking establishment and is well known for it's fine beers. The brewery located in a secret location is known to be mass manufacturing beer, however, is planning on extending to other types of alcoholic beverages such as rum, wine and vodka soon. The brewery has been commissioned by the Supreme Leader to discover the recipe for whiskey and that all production of whiskey is to be redirected to the Politburo office.

Various Apartments

The housing scheme enacted by the Politburo seeks to move all Citizens out of their temporary accommodation beneath the surface in the bunkers created when the city was made. This has produced various apartment buildings, which are to be only temporary housing of better quality until the city expands and citizens can create their own homes on the outskirts.