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Slavongrad was a town founded on an island to the south of New Ashina City. Although it was initially independent as an ally of the Ashina Empire, it fell into disgrace and was ultimately absorbed into the Ashina Empire after the actions of OnlySolid and LordMonkey1 tarnished its reputation.


  • OnlySolid (Former Leader)
  • LordMonkey1 (Final Leader)
  • N64_Fan
  • Arandomtallkid1
  • ESK8
  • MatyOrg
  • Almathor
  • Fireyz
  • technopl
  • AGoodDog
  • IQ33


Founding and the Ashina-Lothridge War

On May 17, 2021, OnlySolid (also known as Pope Septon OnlySolid), a devout follower of slavon_500 and leader of the Slavonists, founded the town of Slavongrad on an island which belonged to the Ashina Empire, just south of New Ashina City. Angry at OnlySolid's encroachment, the people of Ashina wished to evict him from their territory, but were already preocupied with the threat of Grandpa_boob and Lothridge in the days leading up to the Ashina-Lothridge war.

Using this situation to his advantage, OnlySolid pledged to provide material support for the then-fledgeling Ashina Empire in exchange for being granted the island. Reluctantly, Emperor KnightOfNotch agreed.

Ashina-Lothridge War

During the war, Slavongrad faithfully provided supplies for the Ashina-led coalition. However, unbeknownst to their allies, OnlySolid and his men were obtaining these supplies in a dark ritual known only as "duping," which his right-hand man, LordMonkey1, had learned from the King of Fare-Sesso, RaptorJ6. Duping was well-known to be against the sacred laws of Alathra, for it upset the fundamental balance of nature, but tempted by the prospect of infinite wealth, LordMonkey1 and OnlySolid continued to perform these sacrileges against Alathra.

Once Lothridge was defeated, Ashina's amazement at Fare-Sesso and Slavongrad's wealth soon turned to suspicion, and the leaders of Ashina met in secret to discuss the unusual amount of supplies that RaptorJ6 and LordMonkey1 had provided. Realizing that RaptorJ6 was guilty of performing these rituals, Ashina quietly moved to banish RaptorJ6 from Alathra.

Sensing that Ashina was closing in on him, RaptorJ6 attempted to commune with an astral being to defend himself, but the being turned on him and brought him into the astral plane, removing him from the face of Alathra for a time. Realizing that they would be next, OnlySolid and LordMonkey1 decided to lay low with their ill-gotten wealth, and began formulating a plan to destroy the only nation that could stop them: Ashina.

The Bandits of the West

Starting on May 18 until May 26, several locations were raided by an anonymous group known only as the Bandits of the West. Slavongrad, WinterHallow, and Senza-Nome were among the targets of these bandits. However, the bandits' identities were soon revealed as EmptyCerealBowl, ayencha, and SoyaToya, and by May 26 they were promptly executed and banished from the lands. However, LordMonkey1, a prominent member of Slavongrad, was found to be pretending to be a bandit, likely attempting a sting operation to learn their identities.

Unfortunately, most other players viewed this as collaborating with the terrorists, straining relations between Slavongrad and the rest of Alathra.

Rising Suspicions

In the days leading up to Slavongrad's downfall, LordMonkey1 and OnlySolid continued to perform duping rituals, becoming ever more wealthy through their nefarious rituals. No longer fearing repercussions, LordMonkey1 became increasingly reckless with his wealth, lavishing the citizens of Alathra with increasingly outrageous gifts. In one instance, he loaned over $30,000 to the new town of Evergreen and placed End Crystals all around the property. Predictably, this behavior caught the attention of the top leaders of Alathra, and they soon launched an investigation into LordMonkey1's unusual wealth.


Around May 29, OnlySolid and LordMonkey1 were found to be guilty of duping, and the leaders of Ashina demanded that Slavongrad be dissolved and returned to Ashina. The same astral being that had claimed RaptorJ6 soon came for the men of Slavongrad, taking their possessions and souls back into the astral plane. After 3 days of agony, OnlySolid and his men escaped the astral plane through a brief tear between dimensions. However, LordMonkey1 remained behind, realizing his wrongdoings and grimly accepting his fate.

Their minds ruined by their otherworldly experience, on June 1, OnlySolid and the remaining Slavonists set their sights on New Ashina City, intending to raze it to the ground. Their plan was to first destroy the bridge connecting New Ashina to the mainland to cut off reinforcements, then proceed to the city itself. Meanwhile, IQ33, a lowly, despicable member of the Slavonists, was sent to distract the rest of Alathra by using his unnatural abilities to fly, teleport, and shapeshift to indiscriminately murder the citizens of Alathra.

Ultimately, their plan failed, and they were all promptly returned to the astral plane, this time for good. On the other hand, LordMonkey1 was returned after 3 days, stripped of his possessions.

Transfer of Power

After his return, Ashina initially allowed LordMonkey1 to rule Slavongrad as its provisional mayor as the town was absorbed into Ashina. However, LordMonkey1 attempted to sell Slavongrad to the highest bidder, hoping to recuperate his lost wealth. Furious, the leaders of Ashina removed LordMonkey1 from office and exiled him to the western continent, where he founded the town of Davenport. In addition, Ashina threatened war on any nation that attempted to purchase Slavongrad.

Once Slavongrad was disbanded and the land rights were granted back to Ashina, all of Alathra gathered to demolish the disgraced town together. A new chapter begins here as San Juacoco is being built by shalom1211, a respectable member of Ashina.

To this day, LordMonkey1 is the last surviving member of the Slavonists.

Shepsicle and ImmaNotScope watch in celebration, as LordMonkey1 hangs his head in shame.