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Sheepboi121 (Joined June 16), is a shellherder and guard for Cody, who currently lives in HighTide. Sheepboi121 has no name that can be pronounced with human language, so he is commonly referred to as Sheep.


Sheep originally joined Redwood but was kicked a few days later, taking 4 shulker boxes with him. On the run, he joined HighTide in an attempt to seek refuge. While being toured, he met 0utfoxxed and GreatLemi. Sheep would live here, avoiding accusations of taking the boxes and redwood residents. Sheep would be forgiven of taking the boxes a month later.

Sheep would go on to work for Tide's Embrace when alcohol was first made, and dug out a basement to make his own alcohol. Megadalon would join HighTide soon after and make a competing line of alcohol in his basement. After a day or two, the two agreed to form a partnership and create the Northern Lighthouse Company. 0utfoxxed soon joined as a co-founder and the 3 (later including GreatLemi) made deals to grow their company.

Sheep is very impulsive, isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. When he is wronged, Sheep will always hold grudges until he gets revenge or is righted again. He loves to loot everything he can find unclaimed. This has gotten him in trouble many times with the FCA and soon after, the FOA. Sheep can be very irritating at times, but will fight for the FOA and HighTide until his last breath.

Sheep is half human, half sheep, created after an event he does not like to talk about. His wool is naturally pink but he dyes his wool when he feels like it. He has a natural fear of wolves, and will avoid them at all costs. During war, he will kill as many as he can to avenge his kind. If presented with shears, he may become more aggressive, as he has bad memories of them as a child.