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Shem Culture


Shemites have a simple diet of Cattle and vegetables. Pigs are forbidden, they're seen as animals used to clean and for other services. Food is usually eaten outside, in the middle of the homestead around a fire. Times of eating are seen as a time to come together, for Shemite family it means more than restoring energy.


When it comes to warfare, the Shemite people's tactics are not well known nor are any of their past war efforts. As it currently stands. The Shemite people have no relations/wars with any standing nation. In fact Shemite people welcome trade and nation alliances with any culture where both parties benefit.


As said before the Shemite people do not have any current trade relations. Within Shemmite culture, it has been observed that cattle and gold nuggets are the prime trading materials. Villagers have also been known to live in Shemite settlements. With Villagers comes another currency to trade with, that being emeralds. One with any of these three items is sure to at least get a bed and a meal in Shem.


Shemites are family centric, meaning, ones lineage can be the deciding factor on what they do in their lifetime. This is not always the case. Shemites also refer to their closest of friends as cousins. If you ever are referred to as such from a Shemite, Be honored as this rarely happens to Outsiders. Many forgotten wars have been fought over family. It can be a rather sensitive topic.


Fists & Sticks

This ancient tradition is used to handle disputes in the Shem culture. In this, a line of 5 blocks is dug from the earth. This line is 3 blocks deep. One person stands at block 1 the other on block 5. With no armor, only sticks are used in this duel. This has been believed to have developed over years of unfair duels and revenge quests. A long-forgotten war between chieftains was once ended with a duel of Fists & Sticks.


Living in a barren area the cow was introduced at a very early time in the Shemite culture. Over time the cattle became a very important resource in the Shem society Bulls also mean prestige or nobility among chieftains.

Nether Year

A right of passage for you Shemites. When a youngling reaches a certain age, they are required to spend a year inside of the nether. Not much is known by outsiders on this process. Some speculate this is to toughen up their people. Using the logic, if you can survive the nether then you can survive Alathra.


Shemites walk the he Path Of Notch. A philosophy given to the by the villagers of Alathra. It's said that the Prophet, a villager, gave the Path Of Notch to the Shemite people. Before this they were a barbaric tribe lost in the world Alathra. The Path Of Notch is a series of scrolls complied into one book, spanning many chapters. The books contains prophecies prayers, and a guide to life for all who inhabit Alathra.