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The Solar Crown
Apart of the Imperial Regalia
Heraldic depiction of the Solar Crown used in the Imperial Coat of Arms
Native nameCorona Solaris
BornThe Age of Heroes
ResidenceThe Palace of Kings, Solar Pyrrhus
NationalityHoly Solarian Empire
Known forBeing the regnal and Imperial Crown of Pyrrhia and Solaria

The Solar Crown (High Pyrrhian: Corona Solaris), also known as the Imperial Crown of Pyrrhia, or the Imperial Crown of Solaria, a hoop crown with a characteristic octagonal shape, is the coronation and Imperial crown of the Holy Solarian Empire, created approximately a thousand years ago during the mythic Pyrrhian "Age of Heroes". The crown has been used, and continues to be used in the coronation of the Cestar King of Kings, being used most recently to crown Melevor II as both King of Kings and Solar Emperor.

The crown is revered as a sacred and holy item of the Solaris faith, being believed to be forged by the progenitor of the Cestar Dynasty, and the son of Erses, Íor Cestar with pure sunlight from the golden sunlight mane of Erses himself encrusted into the Sun which tops the crown. A heraldic depiction of the crown is used on the Imperial coats of arms, badges, logos and various other insignia in the Holy Solarian Empire to symbolise the Imperial authority of Melevor II.


The crown does not have a round shape but an octagonal one, unlike other crowns of the age. Each plate of the crown is made out of a high-quality 22 carat gold and is studded with pearls and precious stones, the inside coated with a red velvet cap.

The crown is decorated with 144 precious stones including sapphires, emeralds and amethysts, and about the same number of pearls. The single stone that adorns the centre of the Sun at the top of the crown, surrounding by pearls 14 other stones is called the Stone of Terra, supposedly found underneath the Kiln of Creation buried in the soil as a gift from the Angel Ymis to Íor Cestar and his descendants. It is a small emerald that is as green as the grass that blesses the Pyrrhian homeland, and is said to shine in darkness, preserving the honour and light of Erses in the world.

The crown bears four smaller plaques, or "picture-plates" which bear pictorial representations of the form of Erses as a great Ceiltean Elk. Each of these enamelled plates is surrounded by blue sapphires and pearls in raised filigree settings. At the back of the crown, along the rim of large plate is inscribed the letters P.E.I.O.U - standing for "Pyrrhiae est imperare orbi universo" in High Pyrrhian, which means: "All the world is subject to Pyrrhia", a symbolic device coined by a later descendant of Íor Cestar and subsequently inscribed onto the crown.


Imperial Coat of Arms of the Imperial Dynasty of Cestar, with the Solar Crown depicted with heraldry

The Solar Crown is used both as the official coronation crown of the Cestar Dynasty as King of Kings - the official head of the Solar Ecclesiarchy of Erses - and as Solar Emperors of Solaria, as well as being used as the official Imperial crown, and worn by the Solar Emperor during official occasions of state, such as religious ceremonies, the opening of the Imperial Senate or the birth of an heir.

In heraldry

The Solar Crown is widely used as a heraldic emblem of the Holy Solarian Empire, being incorporated into a multitude of emblems and insignia. As the Empire is an absolute monarchy, the crown is often used to symbolise the sovereignty (or authority) of the Emperor, and a sign of their Imperial office. It can be found on the Imperial Coat of Arms for the Imperial Dynasty of Cestar


The crown of eight hinged golden plates is thought to be forged by the progenitor of the Cestar Dynasty, and the son of Erses, Íor Cestar supposedly at the Kiln of Creation after discovering the Stone of Terra. Using pure sunlight from the golden sunlight mane of his father, Erses, and 22 carat gold, the sun which tops the crown was first made. After using all the pure sunlight, the rest of the crown was made with the remaining gold, and over the decades more jewels were added, originally only the Stone of Terra was the only jewel on the Crown. All Pyrrhian Kings have been crowned with the Solar Crown, even Melevor, though during the Union of Collectivist Council Republics the crown was put into storage. The crown is the most important item of the Imperial Regalia, which also includes Aduriael, the Orb of Erses and the Sacred Antler, the Kings Tome and Aegros. During coronations, it is given to the new Emperor along with Aduriael and the Orb of Erses.

The coronation of Melevor II, with the Solar Crown being worn by the new Solar Emperor

The Crown has been used most recently with the coronation of Melevor II as King of Kings and Solar Emperor of Terra.

Supposed Abilities

The Solar Crown is claimed as a sacred relic and item of the Solar Escclesiarchy of Erses, and as part of the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Solarian Empire. Apart from it's ability to shine at all times, even in darkness with the Stone of Terra, it is claimed that the Crown gives extraordinary abilities when placed on the head of one of the line of Cestar, Although the affects of wearing the crown by a Cestar has never been seen in the presence of any living during the reigns of Melevor or Melevor II, it is claimed that no-one has been able to harm the wearer while they wear the crown.