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The Tank as of Feb 8, 2021

The Tank (Formerly Lothridge Lake) was a town founded by Skrumpus on November 11, 2020.

On November 23rd, the town of Lothridge Lake was abandoned and the claims were relocated to an underwater base in the middle of the ocean, named The Tank.

The Tank was a large under water base located in the middle of the ocean using blocks of glowstone to provide artificial light. The base consisted of one main dome in the middle surrounded by 3 smaller domes on either side of the base, housing animals, crops and a park/library area.

After being abandon for just over a month, The Tank officially ran out of funds in it's nation and town accounts on Feb 6, 2021 and was disbanded. The base now serves as a breeding ground for monsters and is considered a high-risk area to enter for those who are not well armed to defend themselves.

On March 26, 2021 Skrumpus made a reappearance after a long absence and re-founded The Tank and reclaimed all of its chunks. As of writing, however, it seems to have been disbanded again. The building has recently been repopulated and occupied by an unaffiliated town.