Visella Takumid

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Early Life

-Visella Takumid and the rest of her family had to flee their home when it sank into the ocean; ever since, the Takumid family has been looking for a place to call home, and Visella chose North Moria. Before she was forced to flee her home, Visella was often fond of reading and listening to the court discussions of economics and politics.

North Moria and the establishment of the Valyrian Freehold

-Visella stepped off the boat to North Moria and was invited to settle down in some of its old fertile land, there were some abandoned houses to clear, and some monsters to kill, but Visella was determined to turn this old ruin into a thriving town. Ruins were demolished, farms and homes were built, roads were thickened, and the towns coffers grew larger. The Takumid Freehold was established and officially joined the nation of North Moria.

Political Beliefs

-Visella wants her nation to prosper, she wants stability for the realm and economic growth, with large projects to bring both grandeur and tourism to North Moria.