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The Republic of Wyvernia
Motto: For peace, for prosperity, for the republic!
CapitalWyverns Rest
Government Democratic Republic
 •  President Balakay
 •  Vice President StampymaxUSA (Flat Face)
 •  Formation October 17, 2022 
 •  Total 1.2 km2
0 sq mi
Population 23 Increase
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $240,000 /wk Increase
 •  Per capita $10,434 /wk Decrease

Wyvernia was founded out of the ashes of the old Fossores Republic on Sunset Island and Wyverns Rest. After the sale of United Moria to Ashina, the island was incorporated into Ashinaian Moria. A few months after the purchase the new nation of North Moria was founded. The islands stayed in North Moria for some time, developing and building up to be able to declare independence and create their own nation.


Wyverns Rest (Capital)

Ram Ranch

Sunset Bay

Odens Bay

Iced Ranch

Sunset Sugar Co.

Prosperous Ranch

Brokeback Ranch

Before Wyvernia

Major Events

The Pyrrhian Attacks

On December 20, 2022, the leader of Cantalavega, Quantavious Dinglebottem approached the barn house in Ram Ranch (Now Wyvernian City) in a hostile stance. Properplanet1, StampymaxUSA, and DoctorDangDarn all posted up inside of the building and boarded up all entrances into it ready to defend. They did not want to attack or be attacked by this foreign force. Quantavious was asked to leave multiple times and refused. The whole nation was put into a lockdown during the attack. No one was hurt or killed.

Establishment of the Wyvernian Armed Forces (WAF)

On December 20, 2022, president StampymaxUSA and Grand General Properplanet1 established the Wyvernian Armed Forces (WAF) via the National Military Act. The WAF which controls the ground units, naval units, airborne units, and any special units or operations. The Grand General is in-charge of the establishment of new WAF bases across all territory that the nation controls and in any nations that agree to have a WAF base established in it.

National Military Act. Establishes:

  • Properplanet1 is the first Grand General of the WAF and has say on any doings in it.
  • The Grand General is only out ranked by the acting president.
  • The Grand General will appoint a Chief of the Army, Chief of the Navy, and Chief of the Air Force to delegate tasks in each branch.
  • All special units and/or operations will be in be lead by and report directly to the Grand General of the WAF.