Benny Stormheart

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Benny Stormheart is a young dragonkin warrior and blacksmith, and is a resident of Zethortal, capital of the nation of Blackthorn, his previous residences include Old Blackthorn and Castillo Zanco and he is currently known by the title of The Dragon of Zethortal, at least within the city itself

Not much is known of his backstory or if he even remembers any of it, what is known is that he appeared on the island of Valtara around 3 years ago after having been presumed dead around the beginning of the Valtaran Civil War when the fort he was living in was destroyed

His friends include Dino of Takumi Mountain and most of Zethortal's residents as well, he has no true enemies but does not care about Happy of Zydel nor did he care for Jon Dodbane, viewing both men as tyrants and conquerors

He is known to be around 180 years old which for his kind is mid to late teens, it is presumed he still has quite the long life left to live but he does not speak of this