Blanca Lumis Asmargo

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Blanca Lumis Asmargo (Known as simply Blanca) Is a Hollow of the light variety. He runs what he calls the City of Dawn Solmorra as its leader. He is a rather quiet being, his eyes always remaining somewhat closed unless angry.


Blanca is about 6'5" His horns stand up oddly curved making him roughly 7' exactly. He wears a sort of fancy robe in blue and gold with red gem accents. His hair is mainly black with white streaks. His skin is of an odd ivory white with a pale warm glow. His horns are sharp, and white with an interesting black pattern at its edges. He wears a gold crown which wraps around his horns. He has a singular wing located on his lower back, visibly torn and frayed. The other wing was visibly torn from his back by the still-visible marks where they used to peek out of his coat. He has three eyes of a bright red; they are often closed. His third eye is often confused as a gem due to its unique appearance.


Blanca awoke from deep in the shattered mountains in which was previously Laufria. Kept in a deep underground library in which he was essentially imprisoned for years. Learning the ancient culture and life of his race the Hollows and their previous city which disappeared years ago. He learned many languages and magic skills as well as basic studies as he tried to piece his own memories together, fragments of the ancient war between the Dragons of the Stars and his kin. This grew his disdain for the Dragon race and a prophecy of hope via reviving the Leviathan that caused their demise in the first place. Creating a religious sect in hopes of continuing the original plans of his people and spreading the tale of his people now mostly long gone.

Eventually, after many years of being kept alone he sought for the exit, digging underground for many months until he escaped out the long tunnels. Viewing the sun and the ruins of his old home. Deciding upon himself to revive it slowly. Here he met Char and Levi in which he took in. Accidentally bringing them into his affairs with wishes of their own and slowly this group grew.

Sadly, due to his growing age, desperation and hatred, maybe even the revelation of himself to the Leviathan in the first place, he eventually caught the same illness many of his kin faced. The disease known as Consumption which has slowly begun to blacken his form and mind with it. Becoming more and more desperate for the answers, doing what he can with the time he has left.


Blanca as of now has kept his illness mainly secret from those in his group he wishes not to discuss with. While he tries to bring others to share the life of his people now long gone for the most part. He does not know if any Hollows remain, or the Draconic kin either. While his goals remain pure the underbelly of it all has become quite muddled and it is unknown whether the consumption has contributed to this. As of now he seeks the souls of the Leviathan and to keep his city intact and safe, hoping to cure himself with the Leviathans blessing once it is restored.

Forgotten Memories

He only recalls fragments of memories relating to when he was a child in old Solmorra. As Hollows don't often remember their creation or first birth in the land, this is rather unique for him. As such his form is very similar to his first, keeping the mix of angelic and demonic traits.

He remembers being born to a priest family with another sibling, fragments of knowledge being past to him. The prophecy of hope is a common one. It is a prophecy which told that upon the Leviathan's redemption and return they would be lifted of their curse. That the day would result in the peaceful union of their Draconic kin and themselves, no longer in hatred and division. His people did not see the illness of consumption as the being's fault, rather due to its broken pieces of good and evil. Yet as it killed off more people, they became desperate and priests made to revive the being sooner.

After that all that is recalled is the ancient war that ended their kingdom, a struggle which ended with the stealing of the ancient scepter of Darkness from them and the death of many including his family, Blanca being sealed away in a last attempt to salvage him.