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Aliases: Jeffrey, Moss
Joined OnJuly 25th, 2022
Joined Staff OnJanuary 2nd, 2023


BrokenMegatron88 is an Alathran Staff member and started playing on the server during Alathra 1. They joined the staff team shortly before Alathra: New Frontiers started, and have maintained their status on the Alathra Development team ever since. BrokenMegatron88 is currently residing in Spykzfort with Kevien12.

General History as a Player

Alathra Era:

BrokenMegatron88 began playing on the server around July 25th 2022. At this time they messed around mainly before deciding to join Praetara over Mirenirenic. For a while they mostly logged onto the server once or twice a month to maintain their locked chests. They didn't start playing more seriously until late 2022, when they eventually became the town leader of Durocortorum Remorum(a town in Praetara). They eventually began working on Production nodes with one of the previous Lead developers when they were a Jr. Dev.

Alathra: New Frontiers

Sublime Bengshaw

After the reset they moved to joining the Sublime Bengshaw as a founding member (Baishi Benxiao), although during this period of time they were busy and thus inactive as a player.

Birchwater Harbor

Later on after hearing about Kevien12's plan to start over with a new town, BrokenMegatron88 wanted to take part in this. Subsequently BrokenMegatron88 and Kevien12 founded what would become Birchwater Harbor. They spent approximately 6 months in this town, building it up, acquiring wealth and generally playing the game. However, activity sharply decreased after a month or two of play. During this period BrokenMegatron88 largely didn't interact with the community, and mainly focused on either the town's efforts or the development efforts of Alathra. It was also during this time that BrokenMegatron88 gained infamy on the server due to a very difficult parkour course they constructed for a relic event.

Towards the latter period of this time BrokenMegatron88 largely began to grow bored of Birchwater Harbor and with the consent of Kevien12 began to plan the destruction of the town. Birchwater Harbor went out with a large treasure hunt that lasted over 3 hours and ended up with >$300,000 worth of loot and money being given away.


This is BrokenMegatron88's current town and they currently reside in it with Kevien12. They've started the town in the ice-spikes on Ceyreto and due to this there's been some struggles with water and farming.

General Trivia

  • Did you know Birchwater Harbor was almost called The Hive.
  • BrokenMegatron88 has been on the staff team for over a year.
  • BrokenMegatron88 single-handedly constructed the parkour for the parkour relic event.
  • BrokenMegatron88 intentionally lost a Diamond god sword with mending.
  • BrokenMegatron88 dislikes mending.
  • BrokenMegatron88 has restarted on Alathra: New Frontiers twice now.

Originally Written on the 11th of February, 2024, Last Modified on the 19th of February, 2024