Caathan, The Dragon-Blessed Wanderer

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OccupationWanderer Hunter
Known forCathaan, the formidable guardian of the forest, commands raw strength as a towering hunter, her presence a symbol of protection. Some have been fortunate to witness her compassionate nature, while others have encountered their doom, their skulls and lifeless forms scattered along her path of battle. Yet, hidden from most, lies her unknown bond with the draconic forces, which she carefully uses only in the most difficult circumstances.
WeightSlightly Above One Ton
TitleThe Wanderer Of The Green Steps

Race and Presentation

Cathaan hail from an ancient, almost forgotten lineage of giants known as the Patagons, whose existence has been nearly wiped out by conflicts and their own tumultuous nature. These towering humanoids were bestowed with a unique mixture of draconic and blood energies, resulting in diverse appearances and mindsets. However, within the Patagons, those from the red-dragon lineage, like Cathaan, bear the closest resemblance to humans, but with superior strength and advanced capabilities as they wield the power of the flame. They were intentionally designed to mirror humanity in appearance and mannerisms, albeit enhanced significantly and with more brute-esque countenances unlike their other brethren as most have odd features such as blue skin and red eyes, or a total dragon-like head that makes them utmostly ugly. Unfortunately, this near-human perfection turned out to be a double-edged sword, as their race's eventual downfall derived from their insatiable ambition and lack of trust.

In the present day, Cathaan fights with the desires of ambition and war, a constant internal battle that she seeks to keep in check, striving to maintain balance within her heart. To achieve this, she allegedly surrounds herself with druids and natural beings, seeking refuge from the chaotic world of civilization. As a wanderer, loneliness becomes her sanctuary, desiring moments of peace and isolation. However, solitude is elusive, for her presence is an overwhelming force. Her imposing figure casts a long and overloooming shadow, her resolute footsteps reverberate with a weight that lightly shakes the ground beneath her, and her voice echoes attention with its slow and eerie tone. It is difficult not to notice her or leave her alone.


Normal Appearance: In Cathaan's veins flows the legendary draconic energy of a red dragon, and she carries its blood with pride. Her appearance strikes a balance between human-like traits and brutish features, giving her a unique presence. Despite this blend, there is no denying her sheer potency as a warrior. Her powerful, well-built physique is quite compacted, with an arm's size twice the size of an average person's head, a testament to her formidable strength as she stands around ten feet in height with a weight beyond any normal human.

Adorned with mesmerizing blue tattoos carved across her body, these intricate designs often peek through her tribal attire. Her deep blue eyes mirror the depths of her character, while her stoic countenance displays of her resilience. Her long, raven-colored hair cascades wildly, blessing her with a captivating and untamed etiquette.

Draconic Form: Cathaans' draconic form remains true to her without disguises, maintaining her distinct features. Her skin takes on a striking red-ashen hue, while her eyes ignite with a fiery glow, reminiscent of fierce lizard-like orbs that unmistakably reveal her draconic nature. The powerful body she possesses would be adorned with scales, serving as natural armor unless she chooses to wear additional protection. Moreover, in this form, she sprouts a pair of dark horns and a tough tail that makes her look slightly taller but this is just an optical illusion.


Cathaan's past reveals a frail yet poised young giant, her lineage driven by instincts that once fostered peaceful coexistence with other races until they were tragically reduced to slavery due to the red-draconic blood causing disasters all around, and likewise, they had a rebellion ultimately falling in vain. Seeking refuge and peace, she distanced herself from civilization, stumbling upon hidden groves of druids who welcomed her with open arms, eager to impart their ancient wisdom and culture.

Under their watchful eye and wisdom, Cathaan grasped the profound significance of life's delicate balance, the eternal dance between birth and death, which held meaning not only for all beings but also for her own life. Such the knowledge tempered her actions, and she now reserves violence for rare instances when necessity or survival demands it, and in the pursuit of her sustenance as a hunter.

However, Cathaan's journey did not conclude there. The world's landscape had shifted, overwhelmed by the shadows of war and wrath with hatred. Fueled by her connection to the druidic culture, she felt a calling to roam as a wandering tower, hoping to spread the wisdom of harmony and enlightenment to places that had lost their way. In this noble endeavor, Cathaan sought to be a beacon of peace amidst the problems that engulfed the land. Alas, she will have to resist the urges of conflict due to her draconic lineage, will she be able to do that?

Magic And powers

Mundane Powers: Cathaan possesses extraordinary strengths that set her apart from ordinary humans. Her body is a instrument of war, created with unnatural muscle mass that grants her immense physical power, surpassing that of any typical human but her body was made to sustain this strength. Endowed with exceptional endurance, she can withstand the effects of the poison to a remarkable degree, nearly reaching immunity. Her high stamina allows her to engage in prolonged battles, outlasting even the hardiest of knights on the field.

Cathaans' incredible strength becomes evident when she effortlessly lifts heavy objects, making her a needed soldier in siege warfare and other combat scenarios. However, despite her exceptional attributes, she is not impervious to harm. Although her thick bones offer considerable resistance against blade attacks, blunted weapons or magics can still pose a threat. Like any mortal, she is vulnerable and can succumb to injuries or lethal blows, as she is not gifted with immortality.

In summary, Cathaan's extraordinary physical attributes make her a force to be reckoned with, but she remains susceptible to certain methods of attack, giving room for her mortality and vulnerability like any other human.

Magical Powers: Cathaans' flames wield a much of uses, both in offense and defense, but a crucial aspect of their power remains shrouded from her knowledge: the ability to heal. For now, she has only experienced the offensive capabilities of her magic, which involve conjuring draconic flames that blaze hotter than ordinary fire. This odd ability grants her the ability to empower and transform her physique, making her an imposing presence on the battlefield and beyond, to the point she could even have wings but not fly, only glide.

However, Cathaan has yet to grasp the full extent of her magical potential, and this comes with its risks. The immense power she wields can inadvertently inflict severe wounds upon herself, especially if she pushes her abilities too far or employs them to an extreme degree. For instance, channeling her power into conjuring large fireballs or augmenting her body's size and strength might prove dangerous, as the strain it puts on her could become deadly if she overuses these potent abilities.

Luckily, as Cathaan delves deeper into the mysteries of her flame-based magic, she may uncover its healing properties. With this understanding, she could harness her powers not only for destruction and strength but also for restoration and rejuvenation. Until then, she must tread carefully, mindful of the risks her draconic magic carries with it, and not burn anything in her wake. It also requires her quite the focus, she cannot cast a fireball amidst a melee fight but she could do something smaller, like increasing the strike's strength or lighting up the weapon's blade with fire.