Carian Caram

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Carian "Cerberus" Leffa Caram
The Nation of Valtara
CitizenshipValtara, Talisman
EducationMilitary trained and educated by his family who died in the war.
OrganizationThe Kingdom of Valtara
Known forBeing the Duke of Talisman and talking to himself
Political partyMonarchists
MovementValtaran Civil War (participated)
Opponent(s)Valtaran Anti-Ignacios
FamilyAll deceased by the time he was drafted as an Orphan.


Carian is best known as the Duke presiding over the village of Talisman and goes by Cerberus when in unfamiliar territory or under disguise. He gained the name in his military days for his tendency to talk to himself, almost as if he had three heads.


Carian is 6'0" with orange hair, orange eyes, and browned skin. He has an athletic build from the years of civil war. He typically wears orange peasant clothes and an embroidered red scarf, claiming they are more comfortable than his stuffy nobleman gear. During formal occasions he wears a fully white suit. During combat he wears iron armor on top of his normal outfit and wields a shield with the Valtaran insignia in one hand with either a rapier or axe in the other.


Early Life

Caram was born to a poor family and was nearly twelve when the war broke out and his family was killed by rioters alled with Enriq. They couldn't bring themselves to kill the scared child and instead left him to die.

Valtaran Civil War

At some point, he was found by a member of Ignacio's Army and taken to a royalist camp where he lived and trained until he was fit for battle. Thanks to his experience in fighting, the military following Ignacio won a fruitless battle that did not change the tragic destruction of the pride of the Royal Valtarans. However, he had preformed bravely and was given a place of honor as a duke following the peace talks.

Post-Valtaran Civil War

He was assigned a ransacked village by the name of Talisman to keep a close eye over. He's currently focused on rebuilding it into a true town.

Current Day

Rules over Talisman and also lives in the center of it.



Rules over Talisman and all lands associated with it. He's planning to make it a place near Valtara so that diplomatic meetings can be sent his way when they pertain the entire nation. However, gaining citizens for this burgeoning village may not be easy.