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Carnaetism is a religion that specifically follows the ways of the life god Ra'Patal Carndis. The religion is an evolution of the old religion 'The church of Pater Carnis'. They share some of the same values and beliefs but differ widely in other aspects. Mainly, they don't share the same brutalism as the church did. The religion is led by an entity known as 'The avatar'. This is a person that is the spawn of the god and thus his mortal form to bring the god's will.


The religion worship the life god Ra'Patal Carndis (Translation: The First Father of Flesh). They see the god as the creator of all flesh and blood based life in the world. Because of this, he is also known as the god of animals.

The religion also rejects the current way of natural orders they see it as corrupt. In their view, the world can only be united in flesh and so they see it as imperfect. Despite this however, they are willing to help and aid those who actively worship the current natural order as they have no quarrel with them. In fact, one of their main goals is to help people in need as they see it as their job being followers of a life god. This is something that greatly separates them from the church as the church valued bloodshed and violence while Carnaetism rejects it.

Something they also focus on is evolution and the gain of knowledge. They see this as a way of moving forward out of 'the darkness' and into a new age of peace.

However, the one thing that all of the religion hates is the unholy abominations. These consist of creatures they reject the natural order of life. Mot commonly, the undead.


The order has values that followers are required to uphold.

  1. Any violent action against a mortal must be done if provoked
  2. If aid is requested from a mortal, then one must freely give it
  3. Devouring holy flesh must be done from the greater ones
  4. All unholy abominations are to be struck down
  5. Knowledge leads to power
  6. Every mortal has a place in the body


One of the primary myths in the religion is the story of Ra'Patal Carndis and his sibling Errahien. As the story goes, the two brothers came to the world and breathed life on the barren wasteland. Ra'Patal Carndis created life of red while Errahien created life of green. The two were in balance for the longest time. However, Errahien slowly grew envious of his brother. He hated how powerful and influential the red life was. But it was when the red life gained knowledge was when Errahien snapped. The red life had the ability to communicate, shape the land around them and manage the green life. So, in a fit of rage Errahien destroyed all life. Both red and green. When the other gods arrived to see their work they were shocked to see everything had died. They asked the brothers what happened. Before Ra'Patal Carndis could answer, Errahien lied and said his brother was jealous of the green life and how it reached all points of the world. Ra'Patal denied the claim, but didn't know Errahien was the one who did it. Without an answer, and the gods already biased against him, the gods punished Ra'Patal Carndis. They saw him as unstable and corrupted. A dark god. So, to keep everyone safe they locked him away for eternity. Ra'Patal Carndis soon found out what happened and swore revenge on his brother. Meanwhile, Errahien recreated life. Both the red and green, but in his own image.


Within Carnaetism there are designated ranks for people. These determine how devoted a person is.

The Avatar - The avatar is the highest rank and is only ever given to the spawn of Ra'Patal Carndis. The avatar has supernatural powers linked to the god. The avatar will always look vaguely human however never is.

Head of house- Within Carnaetism there are houses for different followers to follow. At the top of these houses is the head of house who commands the entire house below them.

Council member- The religion has a council that is called to determine plans moving forward.

Priest - A follower who can do ceremonies and rituals will often become a priest and aid in different situations.

Follower - Someone who follows the religion

The houses

Within Carnaetism there are houses for followers to be in. These houses consist of specific jobs for the followers to do and help keep an orderly structure within the religion.

Paladin of bone - The holy warriors of the religion. They are sent out when there is conflict or when abominations have been found.

The Esoteric - The ritualist and magic users of the religion. These people perform high level magic and rituals.

The Blind eye - The secret house of the religion. Not much is known about their purpose.

The Doctors - The healers or flesh crafters of the religion. Often the ones sent out to aid people.

The Shield of flesh - The Guardians and law enforcers of the religion. They make sure that all the rules and enforced and that everyone is kept safe. This includes people who have been sworn to be protected by them.

The Book keepers - The Librarians and writers of the religion. They document all the happenings, rituals and findings of the religion.


Carnaetism doesn't only follow the life god Ra'Patal Carndis, but also practice magic. Specifically advanced biomancy (Magic of flesh). This is what makes them great healers, even having the ability to restore completely severed limbs. They can also do more however such stuff is hidden from public view

The gifts

One known ritual that the religion performs is the ritual of the gift. This can only be performed on a follower when they are seen as ready. However, if they are not or something goes wrong then the consequences are severe.

  1. Gift of the Sarkamancer - The greater ability to control and manipulate flesh
  2. Gift of the Ostomancer - The ability to manipulate the changed land with great ability
  3. Gift of the Brain twister - The ability to manipulate the mind of others and the self
  4. Gift of the Erebumancer - The ability to communicate with The Other
  5. Gift of the Blacksmith - The ability to forge powerful tools and gear from flesh and bone
  6. Gift of the Predator - The ability to easily change ones body to have features of animals
  7. Gift of the Observer - The ability to connect to organs of the changed land
  8. Curse of Necromancy - The cursed ability to raise the dead. A remnant of a past time.

General practices

While the focus of the religion is the worship of flesh, followers may do this in different ways. Due to its nature, the focus of belief is on the body, so many general practices are on caring for the body. Followers often take up healing, massarge and general well-being. Because of this, followers are considered some of the most healthy people in the world. This allows them to have longer youth, increased vitality and strength and longer lives.